salmonwithcaramelsauceI can remember my mother making the most amazing salmon cakes I’ve ever had in my life (Let me tell you, that woman can cook *smiles*). But believe it or not, that was my only experience with salmon. I had never, up until a couple of years ago, had a salmon fillet. Why? I have no clue. I just never got around to it. But when I did… I fell in love all over again. And now it’s one of the things I take out of my fridge, besides salad, when I want something quick and easy.


I simply love the Asian influence in this recipe, but I did leave out the red chilli and the steamed rice. I’ve never been a huge rice eater, and if I do eat it… it’s usually brown rice. So instead of white rice, I placed the salmon on top of rice noodles. This dish was so easy and packed with flavor. Continue reading


livinginaloftFor the longest time, I’ve always wanted to live in a loft. I love the high ceilings, the tall windows, the exposed brick (it just adds so much character), and the open floor plan allows for you to design the space anyway you want. So when it came time for me to find my first place, you can only guess where I started. But unfortunately, the price took me out of the running.

Loft’s are definitely expensive and a lot to work with… but when they are designed properly, the space can look so inviting and chic. Here are some of my favorite loft architectural designs.

livinginaloft2livinginaloft3 Continue reading


sadeOne day, when I was 7 years old, I stumbled into my brother’s room (looking for a pen to draw) and found a box of cassette tapes. Pause for reaction… remember cassette tapes? OMG I am feeling my age right now (laughs). Any who, while listening to those tapes, when he wasn’t home of course, I discovered Recording Artist Sade. And from that moment on.. I’ve been a fan.

I love her songs and I especially love her style. From the large hoop earrings (that I wear today), to the sleek ponytails, and the amazing tailored dresses… I knew that’s how I wanted to dress when I got older. Today, her style is praised by many fashion designers and I still find myself inspired by her. Her style is iconic.

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