kbacongrillcheeseAm I the only one that gets exhausted the day after your birthday? I’m so thankful I requested the day off. I mean I hardly wanted to move, I just wanted to be lazy in bed with my remote. But there comes a time when, even the lazy birthday girl, must get up and cook something to sooth the rumbling tummy. I looked around my kitchen on Monday and saw eggs, cheese, waffle mix, and bacon… so that meant I was making my favorite guilty sammy for breakfast.
kdiddifferentlyBecause I was having a lazy moment, I used waffle mix instead of making the waffles from scratch. I will admit, waffles from scratch are so much better but when you’re lazy and hungry.. you don’t really care much (laughs).

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dfavkitchensThe two rooms I use the most in my home would have to be the bedroom and the kitchen. One must sleep and one must eat (unless you can’t cook *laughs*). My kitchen currently isn’t magazine worthy, but it definitely fits my needs. But every once in a while, I daydream about what my kitchen would look like if I renovated my small space or if I purchased a new home and money wasn’t an issue. Can you just imagine the things you can do with a kitchen with no budget?

Once I started this day-dream, I found it hard to stop. So I had no other choice but to browse around the web and flip through the pages of my favorite decor magazines, to find the kitchens I would love to have in my dream home. Can you tell I’m swooning right now? If only this was my kitchen…

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pastankoOne of the things I love about blogging is that I get to share things that inspire me, in hopes to inspire others. While doing so, I begin to discover things about myself that I didn’t previously know. For instance, I never thought I would love ballet until I posted a project by a photographer with ballet dancers as his subject. From that moment on, ballet became a romantic fantasy I enjoy.

The more I got into it, the more I begin to love photographers that combined the romantic feeling of ballet with the grittiness of the city. And today I have the pleasure of posting the work of Ukrainian Photographer Andrey Stanko. Back in June of 2014, Andrey published these amazing photos of Angelica & Alexander P., dancers of the Odessa National Ballet in Ukraine.

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in12715The scariest thing to do is to chase our dreams. We can work full-time and make someone else’s dream a reality, but for whatever reason most of us find it hard to make our own dreams come true. The first thing you should realize is that your dream is just as important, just as amazing, and just as ground breaking as someone else’s.

The second thing you need to realize is that your passion will probably never go away. So why not allow your passion to make you happy to get out of bed every day. Why not allow your passion to show you what you were born to do. It’s time to be brave. It’s time to be brave.

Director’s Notes: In Quotation is all about me sharing little nuggets I’ve been taught and have learned over the years in hopes to inspire others.


kangelfoodcakeI am such a dessert person. And every year, in January, I get excited just thinking about what desserts I will pig out on during my birthday (which is on Sunday by the way). I work hard all year not to over eat on desserts for exactly this moment (laughs). Of course I plan on making (and eating) brownies, ice cream, and of course chocolate… but my favorite thing to eat would have to be Angel Food Cake. It may not be as heavy as my other favorite desserts, but boy does it make me giddy just thinking about it. Yes, I’m giddy right now (laughs) and I can’t wait to make it.
kdiddifferentlyAbsolutely NOTHING. The recipe I found is wonderful. And that’s rare because I always change something in a recipe for one reason or another. However, I love to add fruit or chocolate sauce to this cake.

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