My family LOVES getting together during a holiday, to share a meal. It’s a tradition that started years ago, but was perfected by my grandmother. “Every holiday deserves to be celebrated with food” she said, and ever since then we’ve had different menus for each holiday. Last year, our meal consisted of a modern twist to old recipes. But this year, we all decided to stick with the traditional dishes that has graced our table for years. There’s nothing like traditional recipes that make you feel like you’re home. So today, I’m proud to share with you.. some (not all, can’t post secret family recipes.. my mommy would kick my butt *laughs*) of my family’s Easter Dinner. I’ve also included recipes below that are similar to my own family recipes. So, is your mouth watering yet? Because mine definitely is (laughs).
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I absolutely love Easter. I can remember waking up Sunday morning, putting on my beautiful Easter dress, going to church to celebrate the holiday, and then Easter egg hunting afterwards. Well okay, let me just admit that my mother never let me hunt for eggs because she was adamant about me not messing up my dress just to roll around in the dirt for some eggs that she’s made me at home (*laughs* I love that woman). And just like ever year since, my mom and I make Easter eggs for our family in her kitchen. So today I’m sharing my FAVORITE Easter Egg DIY designs. Some are old favorites, some are new favorites, and they’re all easy and so much fun to make.
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