kcauliflowersoupThere’s nothing I love more than a big bowl of soup on a cold winter day. It’s the best way, for me, to take the chill out of my bones when I’m cold. It’s also the perfect thing to make, on those days, when you forgot to take something out for dinner the night before (I know I’m not the only one that happens too *laughs*).

And since I don’t feel like waiting for something to defrost (and I’m definitely not using the microwave to nuke my food while it’s defrosting), soup is on the menu for tonight.

I absolutely love cauliflower, but I decided to add roasted broccoli to this dish as well. I just love the combined flavor of both veggies. And I have to admit, I did add in more cheese (smiles). Hey, when cheese is in front of me.. it just happens.
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dwhiteBefore you say anything, I am well aware I was just talking about making your white walls look more colorful in my apartment post. But just because I love color, doesn’t mean I hate white. I actually love the color white, and for a long time it was one of my favorites. Yes, I know it can hard to clean at times, but it just looks so pretty (smiles).

White doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. When combined with other colors it can be crisp, stunning, bright, and so wonderfully chic. I just love a well designed and executed white room.

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diymonogrammugDoes anybody remember those gold monogrammed mugs from the store Anthropologie? I LOVED those mugs. And when I finally got around to purchasing them, they were unfortunately out of stock. A year has gone by, and I still can’t get those mugs out of my mind. Whenever that happens, I know it wasn’t just an impulse purchase. So I thought to myself, why not just make the mugs yourself.

First, I had to figure out if this was truly going to be an easy DIY (I am not the complicated DIY type of girl *laughs*). Now that I know it’s easy, I thought I’d share it with you and maybe we can make them together.


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archicheriIt’s time for another mind exercise (smiles). And today I have the pleasure of featuring the amazing work of Artist Raquel Chicheri. So what do you think… is this a Photo or a Painting?

The answer will be revealed at 7PM (Eastern standard time), so THINK FAST and no cheating (yes, I’m full aware you can look up the artist work, but as always I trust you *wink*). So what will it be.. Photo or Painting?

UPDATE: Well it’s 7pm and I have the answer… It’s a Photo. Thank you to everyone who participated today.. we’ll do this again sometime soon (smiles). Until then…



kwinterdessertsI love working out, and getting my body toned again… but there is no way I could do all of that without a cheat day (laughs). I am sorry, I’m just not that committed. I need a day where I can sit down and eat bacon, some ice cream, and maybe a big fat juicy burger. The sky is the limit on my cheat day.

Since my cheat day is coming up, I plan on making one my favorite winter desserts until I can’t stand to look at anymore sweets (well okay, not for another week or so *laughs*).

Absolutely nothing… I love each sweet and I don’t plan on changing any of them on my cheat day. Can you tell I’m so ready for my cheat day to start?
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