The Mechanic movie review

So I got to see “The Mechanic” this weekend and I have to say, I was definitely surprised by this film. “The Mechanic” follows an elite hit man as he teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.

Three words, “Victory Loves Preparation”, says a lot about this movie. I must admit I was hesitant to see this film, because I thought Jason Statham was really starring in “The Transporter 4” with a different movie title; I’m glad I was wrong. The action, in this film, starts at the beginning and never stops till the end. You really get to see what a methodic “mechanic” looks like. I’m also happy this movie featured realistic visual effects; sometimes I just want to see some “Dirty Harry” type of action without trying to guess what something looks like (laughs). The trend of keeping you interested in the movie, by releasing background information when necessary, also worked well with this film. But before I go any further with this review, I have to say, I don’t think this movie is for children ages 10 & under. The action scenes are very graphic and this movie really goes into what it takes to kill without being seen. This is only my opinion. You’re the parent, you decide.

Back to the film. Jason’s character, “Arthur Bishop”, was very patient, calm, collected, and knew what it took to fix a problem. He’s also very intelligent and knows how to pin-point the smallest details that connect people to different things. “Arthur” is definitely a very complex, but interesting character that Jason’s plays very well. Statham has definitely come a long way as an action star, in my opinion. Donald Sutherland also makes an appearance in this film. Donald is popping up all over the place in movies lately and it’s nice to see him back on the big screen. His character “Harry McKenna” whose also a strategist, is a father figure, mentor/boss to Jason’s character. And actor Ben Foster who played “Steve McKenna”, also did a superb job as a son who never could live up to his family’s legacy. Ben also has a “risky” scene in this movie that will cause some men to say “What the hell?!” but it’ll be over before you know it (laughs). Overall, let me just say this movie was NOTHING LIKE “The Transporter”, it WAS A LOT BETTER. There is also a steamy sex scene in this film, involving Jason, that is very graphic. So ladies if you find Jason sexy, you might not want to look at your husband/boyfriend/date when the scene begins (laughs).

I really enjoyed this movie from beginning to end. Of course I’m trying to stay away from telling you the whole story (laughs) so I will end my review now. So if you love realistic action that will have your mind racing from the beginning till the end, then watch this film. If you’re not into action films, then I wouldn’t recommend this for you. I give this movie a 8 out of 10. This movie really surprised me; I didn’t think I was going to like it. I love it when a movie proves me wrong.
Make sure to look out for “No Strings Attached” movie review, that will be posted on Thursday.

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18 thoughts on “The Mechanic movie review

  1. LOL I loved your review. Yes, Jason IS cute! (but not as cute as my husband Jason) This is a definite movie my husband would want to see. Now, at least, I have some interest in it. *HUGS* Hope the icy weather isn’t getting in your way! Stay warm!

    • Jason Statham is cute, I must admit. But I know your husband Jason loves action so he will definitely love this and there’s something in it for you definitely LOL. *HUGS*. Girl I hate this weather.. let’s not even get on this subject lol.

    • Hey :).. I hope you are doing well today. Let me ask you something, it may sound stupid, but can you guys get movies that are already released here through Netflix IF it hasn’t been released there yet? Just wondering because that would save some money lol. You probably couldn’t but you know when movies go on sale here for DVD and a movie is still not released there, I would buy it.

  2. I was also reluctant to see this film initially but m do glad that my hubby pushed me into to watch it.Such a stylish action movie…I thoroughly enjoyed jason statham’s coaching scenes to steve..Very apt movie for action lovers.

  3. No secret .. I’m hot for Jason so I was going to watch this movie anyway but I guess now I’m going to actually pay attention to it instead of just swooning!!

    Actually, my husband already saw it and he was impressed so it’s moving to the top of my list!

    • I think most woman think Jason is cute, or sexy, or just damn hot LOL. I haven’t met one yet that thinks he’s horrible looking. Oh that one scene I talked about in the review, you will be swooning ALOT Lesse ;). Just don’t look at Chief when you do it LMAO. I’m telling you, that movie surprised me, it was really good.


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