Chocolate Concept Shop.. Roadtrip Anyone?

Okay, for all of you that expressed your “dislike” for me because I posted the Apple Pie recipe last week while you were dieting (laughs), I apologize.. Sincerely.. but I HAVE TO POST THIS. My Choco-Aholics group will back me up on this (Samina, Effie :)).
Un Dimanche À Paris, a pop-up concept store, opened late last year by Pierre Cluizel, son of master chocolatier Michel Cluizel. The shop, according to the New York Times not only has one, but three buildings in the famed Saint Germain des Pres, which are devoted entirely to all things CHOCOLATE. The building has a chocolate shop, patisserie, bar, restaurant, and lounge all in one area. I know, I’m drooling right now. The shop also hosts cooking classes and workshops.

The restaurant’s menu, which diverts from the all-chocolate theme, has an impressive range including saffron risotto, veal with vegetable ravioli, and marinated salmon among others. According to, the shop is open seven days a week from 9am to 12am. So ladies and gents.. who’s up for a road trip? I say we save our money for a year and head out Paris next year :D. I’m loving this post right now. Enjoy the chocolate dream and have a great Friday!

SIDE NOTE: My good blog friend, Lisa, over at has a great chance of winning a contest that showcases her kids favorite recipe “Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap Sandwich“. Anyone who knows me, knows I support great people who are doing extraordinary things. I’m asking my blog family to please vote for her here.. so her family can celebrate their wonderful mom :). Remember, vote for the PB & B Wrap by Lisa Daristotile. Thank You :).. Okay guys.. so what do you think of this chocolate concept shop?

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40 thoughts on “Chocolate Concept Shop.. Roadtrip Anyone?

  1. You ARE KILLING me! I am the biggest chocoholic of them all. Truly. This would be personal heaven. Now I have to start saving up to go to Paris…if only to see and taste my way through. I will now vote for your friend. Au revoir!

    • Hey Geni :). Okay girl you are not inducted into the Choco-Aholics program. So now it’s me, you, Samina, and Effie. I know we got more new members coming :). I want to eat my way through Paris too. I already start saving. And thank you so much for voting for Lisa :). I really appreciate my blog family :). Hope you’re having a great day

  2. First of all, I didn’t have a chance to comment on the apple pie, which I shared with my husband who LOVES apple pie and he was very intrigued, so I will being whipping one up here soon. Second of all, diet or not, I will not foresake chocolate. Not going to happen. I can just imagine how wonderful it must smell, especially if you were to walk by…heavenly….thanks for sharing!

    • Maybe you and the husband can make it a date night with the whole apple pie recipe. Do you see where I’m going with this? lol. I won’t forsake chocolate either girl. I just can’t I think the smell would make me stay in there walking in circles lmao. Hope you’re having a fab day :)

  3. la ..thats one killer bunch of pictures.This place looks amazing.I think I ll visit it more for saffron risotto than chocolates :) You must be knowing by now how big a saffron fan I m. Thanks for all the info..But where are movies my friend..I have not seen a review in a while!
    P.S. Thanks for the sweet sweet comment last night.Hugs :)

    • Yes I know you LOVE saffron girl lol. I think everyone knows that but you cook with it well. Tanvi, I have been so busy with family, I haven’t had a chance to breath nor take in a movie honestly. Real world caught up with me. But I am watching a movie this weekend, I am making myself watch one, I need a break lol. And you’re always welcome, love your blog *HUGS*. So can I induct you into the choco-aholics club? lol

    • I never heard of this place either until I read the article and decided to post it here. I LOVE THIS PLACE and want to visit right now if I had the money lol. I love chocolate too, you should be in our Choco-aholics club lol. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, come back and rant with us anytime :)

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~chocolate…~ Hehe to be honest, even on a “diet” I love reading about food, watching the food network, its like art for me and even if I can’t “have it” I enjoy watching, hell when I was with my ex I would be on a diet and she would seat next to me scarfing candy. I really never have an issue with that, I do my thing and let others do what they do :) Great piece.
    Btw you never told me about my website if I should add pictures or not hehe

    • Well I’m glad you can take viewing my blog while you are healthy :). If I see chocolate, I’m sorry I must post lol. I just have too. And Bobby, I think adding pictures of the space while you’re customizing it is a great idea. If you decide you don’t want to do that, that’s fine too. Whatever you do, it will be great! Remember that.

  5. First of all thanks for the shout out for the contest I entered, so sweet of you. I think we all can agree that BG is genuine and real! :)

    Okay, now the chocolate shop, have you been there? Seriously, I think I need to take a road trip there! I just had some chocolate covered espresso beans this afternoon to get me through the day followed by nutella pb sandwich. Miss nutritionist Lisa is not being very nutrition like today! The funny part, I use to give up chocolate for lent. I just can’t live without chocolate! You can add me to that chocoholic group too!

    Oh, I still have to bake that apple pie recipe, I can’t get it out of my head and made the mistake of showing my 9 yr old, he’s bugging me to bake some. LOL

    • Lisa, you deserve to win! And I’m not just saying that, your ingredients are available all year round and it looks amazing! You kids know a winner when they see one :). I can’t believe you had chocolate covered expresso beans. If I had that, do you know I’d be talking 50 MPH right now lmao. I am definitely not a coffee drinker lol. I can’t live without chocolate either, dark chocolate, some milk chocolate.. whatever lol. You are now inducted into the choco-aholics club Lisa :)

    • You mean you would have to push me out of line first LMAO.. j/k. I wish there was something around here like that as well. I think I would just live there lol. I hope you had a great day :)

    • Spiderpaw you have to have a photo shoot there lmao. I can come LOL. I am definitely going to Paris just to see this. I just have too. And Spiderpaw, thank you for voting for Lisa. You’re amazing :)

    • Samina!!! I have been waiting for you to show up and look at all this delicious chocolateyness lol. I have never been to Max Brenners but I heard about it. I don’t know why I never inside of that store girl. I have to stop by it this weekend hopefully. How are you? I hope you’re absolutely well *HUGS*

      • Hello :) Sorry about not showing up sooner :) I am in Florida right now, visiting my mother-in-law and I barely have a chance to get on my computer. It is beautiful down here. You should definitely try Max Brenners. Its a little $$$ but as soon as you walk in the door..all you smell is chocolate. The food there is DELICIOUS and the desserts Dangerously wonderful.

        • Oh girl, I had no idea you were in Florida. You are not supposed to be responding to me, go have the time of your life :). Okay, I will definitely have to stop in that store sometime soon. Now go enjoy your Florida trip and the weather :). We’ll talk later.. have a fab day!

    • Thank you so much for voting :). I know Lisa is grateful to everyone. And this chocolate shop is amazing. Let me know what you come up with, I love people who get creative ideas from here. I really want to hear about it girl :). Hope you’re having a great day.

  6. Wow thats a dream come true, Its like a disneyland for chocolate lovers. I will definitely go there when I visit Europe but for now I will stick with our chocolate shops here in NZ

    • It is definitely my Disneyworld and I can’t wait to ride all of the rides that are there lmao. I plan on visiting Paris as soon as I get there and seeing this would be a treat. And your chocolate shops in NZ sound interesting from your comment. Hope you’re having a great day ;)

  7. So I recently decided to cut back on all sweets and then you go and post this… tempting…very tempting. Although i’m still determined to stay away from sweets (or “cut back”), as long as I can. My eyes are very satisfied. Great post!

    • I did apologize at the beginning of the post lol. I don’t eat a lot of sweets all the time, but when I do I get excited and happy lol. But looking with your eyes definitely doesn’t cause any calories so why not.. look all day girl lol. Hope you’re enjoying your day :)

  8. Hey! Sorry that I haven’t commented on anything in the past 2 weeks,..I’ve been really busy and time just flew by! I didn’t even realize that 2 weeks passed…

    Wow! I really need to visit this place! A chocoholics dream! ♥


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