Exclusively, Ryan Korban

I featured a room from designer Ryan Korban (with the incredible artwork) last week, and since then I’ve enjoyed viewing more of his work. I love how Ryan transforms a room and make it more unique than his last creation. I was shocked when I discovered he’s an untrained interior stylist; but talent isn’t based on what is taught but rather how you convey your vision.

Just viewing Ryan’s work, I get inspiration on how to add update and add new touches to my room without spending a lot. I’ve learned that one or two new items can make your room feel brand new without purchasing a lot of unnecessary stuff. And the artwork in these photos, are amazing. Check out Ryan Korban’s website here and feel inspired by what you can do to update any room in your home or apartment. Happy Hump Day :)

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22 thoughts on “Exclusively, Ryan Korban

  1. I love the shoes on display! So fun! I like the beaded lamps on the bureau too. He has a great vintage style, but still keeps it modern as well. Now I want to go shoe shopping. ;)

    • Hey Kristy :). I do too! I’m not sure if that’s a store he designed or what but it’s wonderful. And I never thought about it but you’re right, he does have a great vintage style with a modern touch. We never need to go shoe shopping girl because we would stay in the store LOL. I hope you’re enjoying the day

    • Hey Bobby :). You know, there’s always a way to achieve the look without a lot of chin ching :). I know you can do it and I can’t wait to see it. I hope you’re enjoying the day

  2. Sigh, I’m far too practical and too much of a neatfreak for the pieces with the shoes. I’d keep thinking I hadn’t put my heels away! (They are cool though.) I really like the color schemes, predominantly black and white with pops of color. And that man just looks like an artist!

    • Hey Katherine :). The color schemes really go together wonderfully. I just love how he puts everything in a room and make it work. And he does look like an artist. I hope you and Greg are enjoying the day :)

  3. I should hire him to do my house! I love his detail, especially the stiletto shoe’s on the tray. It’s totally a girly girl apartment!
    My husbands in real estate, I should contact Ryan Korban to home stage my husbands listing so they’ll sell faster! Ha!

    • Lol.. My thoughts exactly Lisa. I would love for him to do my apartment. That’s cool that your husband is in Real Estate and if he staged his homes, your husband would probably sell all of his listings lol. I hope you and your family had a great day today

  4. I love this. I love how Ryan Korban uses very subtle colours (whites and grey) and then makes the room pop with accents. The large portraits in the third image are a great example of this. I also like his use of vintage-like pieces shown in the first image. It’s very classy. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Belle :). I think that’s why I was drawn to this work because of his use of subtle colors while adding color to wherever is needed. I totally believe in core pieces that last a lifetime and bring in color to spice things up when needed. I hope you enjoyed your day girl :)

  5. The shoes on the padded seats would bug me to no end. Ide always feel like I needed to put them away. LoL. But I LOVE that Tang horse. Ive got two of them here at home just like in the picture.

    • LOl I totally understand. And I had no idea you owned a tang horse. I should have shown the whole picture because the horse fits perfectly into the room he was creating. I bet it looks great in your home :). I hope you had a great day today

    • Hey Jacqueline :). Ryan’s designs definitely makes me wanna buy a home and start over with designing lol. And I know you could capture great photos with his designs. I hope you’re having a great day

  6. I hope one day, my room would be changged into an unique art.These 4 pictures of rooms are very amazing!Good for my eyes,thank u!

    • I think every room can be changed into a work of art when you put your own personal touches inside that room. Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come back and rant with us anytime :)

  7. Hey Kay,

    Sorry not been in touch recently :-(

    The one problem you got with those rooms is that they are so so nice that you don’t really want to sleep/use them. What you need is a large house split into two, one for your day to day living and other half for showcase.

    This is what a friend of mine has done, he has two kitchens, one’s a stainless steel outfit for everyday cooking, bashing, kids messing and other is an oak style monster, for making tea :-)

    Have a great day

    • Hey D :). No worries, I know you are busy lately.. I’m just happy you stop by and it’s always great to see you :). I don’t think these rooms are a problem because I would sleep in them lol. I know the value of something but I also know when to enjoy them (we only have one life). When would I ever sleep in something like that? And if I had the chance, there would be no separate room, that would be my room and I would love myself forever for sleeping in it LMAO. I hope you had a great day and I hope your family did as well

  8. Nice post BG. I agree that it take someone with that born vision to make things happen as far as decorating is concerned. That’s where Sheila comes in. She has the vision and I do all of the building. (I have my own renovation company so she makes good use of it :) ) I recently just finished our foyer and stairwell complete with wainscoting, antique and low voltage lighting, which made a perfect gallery to about 15 of her paintings with room to spare.

    • Wow, that is so cool. I had no idea you owned a renovation company. Now I would love for you to renovate anything in my home lol. I’ll find something LOL. And I’m sure Sheila’s work is beautiful. You know if I’d known I would have asked you to showcase some work here ;). And I know that foyer looks amazing.

    • Isn’t it beautiful. I love Ryan’s work. It’s beautiful and honestly artistic and stylish. Looking at all of this is definitely makes me want to take a vacay now and stay in a hotel myself lol.


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