Art Series, 1001 Dreams

Yasmina Alaoui and Marco Guerra created something unique, mysterious, and alluring with their art series entitled “One Thousand and One Dreams“. This art series began with Marco photographing nude models in black and white by using film or a Polaroid. One completed, Yasmina draws Henna-like patterns by hand with a pen, ink, and watercolors. Yasmina also uses parchment, leaves, or dried insect wings to create these life-size works of art. I think this art series, including the process, is creative and wonderful. I’ve struggled with whether or not I should ever post nude art here. But I don’t think anyone would argue with me when I say, this art series is tastefully done. Vulgar is one thing, and artistic is another. And I think this is beautiful. If you want to view more photos from this series, please visit the website here (All photos are courtesy of Enjoy the day and stay inspired :)

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42 thoughts on “Art Series, 1001 Dreams

      • Me to, I used to do henna, not that I was any good but that has never stopped me from doing anything lol. but I LOVE the scent of henna…

        umm lets just say my day took in interesting turn as far as work is considered as I noticed that a large percentile of women are scared by the fact that a guy is working in the clothing store… so things could get interesting, kinda depends on how far I decide to run with this…

        • LOL.. not being good at something should never stop you from exploring. So wait are they scared you work at the clothing store? I have to go read your blog to see. And where will you run with this? Okay heading to your blog now.

    • Hey Lisa :). it is very different and unique. I love vibrant colors on certain things and these photos really brighten the blog. And the last photo does look very tribal and it has a slight 2D effect to it. I hope you’re enjoying your day

  1. The one in the top right intrigues me. The posture is so sad and broken, but the drawing and colors is so soft and beautiful. Very interesting. It reminds me of a short story I read years back where a writer penned a story (or poetry or something) all over a woman’s body. I don’t remember the details that well, it was a long time ago, but parts of the story stuck with me. The top right photo reminds me of that. Perhaps it captures the same beauty and emotions.

    • Good eye Kristy. She does almost have a sad way of her but the color really softens it up. And that story sounds beautiful. Let me know when you remember what it s. I think the colors and the designs in each photo brings out more of the emotion within the photo. I hope you and the family are having a great day today :)

      • You know I went through the archives of the New Yorker and can’t find it. I think the only way I’ll find it is to go to the library and go through back issues. Maybe one of these days I’ll do that, otherwise it’s going to drive me bananas. Wish I could remember. ;)

  2. Well some women are apprehensive with a guy behind the counter, I have blogged some about it but not on what I am running with, lets just that in addition to getting some girls to work here, I might be getting in touch with my feminine side…and no it dose not mean I am going to be dressing up like a girl :p

  3. So, she takes the photographs and then does the artwork on the photograph itself, not the actual model? That is too cool!…got your email! Chuck Woolery (sp?) not needed at this time for sure…LOL

  4. Wow, that’s amazing work. So beautiful! I am just amazed by this artist’s talent and patience. That must have taken hours and hours to do that on the photograph. By the way, I had henna tattoos before on my hand and it was very intricate and pretty. These definitely reminds me of that…I want another now. Lol.

    • Hey foodtable :). You do have to have a lot of patience to create something as beautiful as this. And all of the different techniques they used are wonderful. I always wanted a henna tattoo.. but was worried it would stain on my hands. Let me know how it was :). Hope you’re having a great day

      • Try it! It’s actually really cool. It stays on for about 1.5 – 2 weeks. It fades with each shower or handwash if you got it like I did on the hand. You can get it on other parts of your body and it will probably stay longer. Designs can be simple or elaborate. I got mine a few years ago in a county fair, so it ran from my fingers up the elbow. Everyone thought it was supercool! I like it because I don’t want a permanent tat, so I got to experience what a tat would be like without it being permanent. :)

        • I don’t want a permanent tat either.. but always wanted to try henna to see how it would look. I know of two authentic henna places I could go but for some reason I just wasn’t sure. I think I will try it on my hand to start off. i can’t wait now :)

  5. Babygirl, don’t ever apoogize for posting nude art. It is art, not pornography. I love your taste in art and have subscribed to your blog because of it and how it makes me smile.

    • Thanks alot John :). Some nude art tend to come off vulgar and to me these did not so I wanted to showcase the art within this series. Thanks for enjoying my taste in art.. I really appreciate it :).

  6. Wow, this artwork is gorgeous. Such an inventive idea. I really like the first photo, how she is looking at the camera. I think it makes much more of a connection and makes you wonder what the woman is thinking/feeling, etc.

    • Hey Caroline :). This series is very beautiful and intricate. The expressions of the models and the art really give you a lot to talk about and to interpret. I really hope you enjoyed viewing these :). And I loved your adult pizza party..too cute.

    • You’re welcome. You know, you’re the only person I know that always makes sure to go through my whole blog (when you’ve missed post) and comment on each of them. When you visit, I am reminded that great people like you do exist and how much your presence is missed here :). You are an amazing friend and I honor you! You deserved that award :)

    • Hey Raymund :). The designs are very intricate and well done. And the different techniques used to make these is remarkable. I think your family photo like this would be so freakin creative and I would love to see it :). I hope you’re enjoying your day


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