The Bachelor Pad

Since my post yesterday was all about the beauty of women, I decided to post ‘The Bachelor Pad’ of a man (laughs). This 2100 sq ft Brooklyn home belongs to “Blue’s Clues” star Steve Burns, and was designed by Mesh Architectures (this home was featured in New York Magazine). From the outside of the home, it looks like a normal street with industrial buildings included; but when you look inside you see something totally unexpected and different. This home gives new meaning to the words “open floor plan”. From the living room to the private courtyard of the home, everything fits together. According to New York Magazine, Mesh Architectures wanted to give Burns, now a musician, plenty of privacy without making his home feel like a fortress. So they demolished all, but three, brick walls of the existing structure, then built up two stories where the company included an intimate courtyard (this floor also features an incredible walkway). The master bedroom, a bathroom, and the living room/kitchen all open out onto the sod-covered courtyard. I have to admit, this is not your cookie cutter bachelor pad, this actually looks amazing! Would I love here? HELL YEAH forget a bachelor pad (laughs). View more photos of this place at Mesh Architectures website. So what do you guys think? Enjoy your day :)

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36 thoughts on “The Bachelor Pad

  1. Wow! This is gorgeous and totally decieving from the outside. Is it a coincidence that it’s blue? LOL. I have to show this to the kids. It might blow their minds to know that Steve doesn’t live in a cartoon house. ;)

    • Hey Kristy :). This place is totally deceiving from the outside. I love that because no one would ever suspect that you have something of valuable inside lol. And I think it is coincidental that it is blue LOL. Let me know what your beautiful kids think when they see this place. I hope you and your family have a great day today

  2. this is definitely a bachelor pad…im not really a fan of modern style furniture…but I do love the openness of the apartment and the patio area looks really cool.

    • Hey :). I love modern style but I can completely understand why some don’t like it. But I think the architects really did a good job and I love the openness of this place too :). I hope you’re having a great day

    • Hey Greg :). The patio is wonderful. I just love the whole home. And I’m glad you pointed out the green cabinets. I would’ve never thought they were manly until you said something lol. I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful day today

    • Hey girl :) *HUGS*. I think the patio is one of the best features. You can come home from work, relax, have dinner out there.. I love it. And I agree with you, the ordinary is really the extraordinary :). I hope you have a great day today and congrats on the new job!

  3. The exterior of the building is so deceiving–I was not expecting to see such a gorgeously designed and decorated interior. I’m loving the shiny wood floors outside. I wouldn’t mind living here!

    • Hey Caroline :). The exterior really is deceiving but wouldn’t it be like walking into a gift everyday when you get off of work? lol. The wood floors are incredible and it is very gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind living here either girl lol. I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

  4. The top-right picture of the four there – I used to know a restaurant *just* like that… tiny space with the tables, opening onto a small terrace, with a tiny galley-style kitchen… it closed down unfortunately… really delicious food. This place looks great, although I’m more of a country-guy myself. Did you ever see DwellingGawker? I love looking at the stuff they have on there! :)

    • Hi Charles :). I’ve never been to that site but I always love exploring new places. Thanks for the recommendation. I love art in every form whether its interior design, paintings, sculptures, food, & etc. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I hope you come back to rant with us anytime.

  5. Very cool! I like the indoor/outdoor concept. :) Worked for a company that has similar design few years ago except instead of being a residence, it was a really nice office. Great way to entertain clients. We had some great parties at the patio during the summer…

    • Hey Foodtable :). The indoor/outdoor concept really opens everything up. And I would love this design in my office, I would probably get no work done but I would still love it LOL. Thanks for sharing that.. :). I hope you have a great day today

  6. Hey Kay,

    Lovely Bachelor Pad – put’s mine to shame… consisted of one room, with revision sheets and technical diagrams for wallpaper….

    This place is very deceptive from the outside, but looks as if it stretches out to some distance.



    • Hey D :). I can’t believe you had a bachelor pad and all you had was technical diagram wallpaper lol. You are so incredibly creative. But I bet your bachelor pad isn’t as fun as your family now :).

  7. Oh my God, oh my God. He has our couch. The grey couch in the first photo is a Rolf Benz couch. It cost starting $15,000. Rolf Benz is like the top line. You can customize what ever material you want, color, and foot to make it skinny,fat, tall, or short. I love Karl Benz. We were thinking to buy this couch for our new home if we get it. We will know by this month I hope. But then we thought about it and said the couches we have now are expensive. We believe to buy good quality to last and things that are comfortable no matter the cost. So we rethought about it and said once the furniture we have now are close to retire we will buy that couch. It is beautiful and so comfortable!

    Sorry, I went on and on about the couch. I love his home. It is like so me from the top to the bottom. The fireplace thing though got to go, middle little table, and that rolling table. That is a no go, but everything else. Hecky yeah.


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