Modern Glass Home

I love glass on just about any structure, and I will admit I can become quite taken with a modern home. Put those two together and you come up with this beautiful renovated modern glass home. Located on a site near Vilnius, Lithuania, no one would ever believe this structure served as a cannon foundry back in the Middle Ages. Because of this, the design team of Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners decided to preserve the original rustic basement and the old yellow brick lodge. They also went on to preserve the original foundry structure by wrapping the entire building with a barrier of glass. Because of the glass barrier, the basement level space doubled. The ground floor features a spacious living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and the children’s bedrooms; the master bedroom is located in the spacious attic. I love how the glass walls provide a 360 degree view of Pavilniai Regional Park where the home sits on. Who knew a modern glass home could be so spacious, elegant, and apart of history. If you want to view more of Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners work, visit their website here. Enjoy your Tuesday :)

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46 thoughts on “Modern Glass Home

  1. Oh I LOVE this house – and it’s views. It’s so wonderfully private. I want more windows – I need more windows. That’s the biggest thing I miss from our old house – the windows and it’s views. And if the house is remote like this I wouldn’t worry about privacy so much. And that kitchen – I could totally live in that kitchen!

    • Hey Kristy :). I love this house too. I just love glass honestly. I think many people wouldn’t think this place is private but I read it’s built on land that is nowhere near the next home. So I wouldn’t have a problem living here. And the kitchen is beautiful isn’t it? I hope you and the family are enjoying the day

  2. I couldn’t live in a glass house. I’d have to stop throwing stones. OK, seriously did Katherine send you that WSJ article where they built the house in Ireland around a ruin? Too cool. I like this because it’s up higher. Oh and look at that kitchen.

    • Hey Greg :). LOL Well stop throwing stones then lol. No, I don’t think she did but send it over whenever you have an available moment. I would love to read it. I think everyone is loving the kitchen so far. I hope you and Katherine are having a great day

    • Hey Sailingdreams :). Doesn’t it? I love it. The views, having a wonderful secluded area to yourself, and the rich culture you’re living in would just make me happy. I don’t think I would want to leave either lol. I hope you’re having a wonderful day

  3. Hey there Kay,

    A very nice secluded property, love the lush green grass, all looks very tranquil. It’s great when designers manage to make something eye catching from an old structure, it not only preserves the the history but also allows for future imagination.

    As a structure, it’s probabaly one of the best I have seen on your site so far, but it doesn’t have the “Home” feel, looks too much like an office. Love the staircase on it though.

    Take Care

    • Hey D :). I totally agree, this place definitely feels tranquil to me and I definitely need some tranquil in my life right about now lol. The reason why I posted this was because of it’s rich history and how the architects turned something old into something new again. I just think it’s great. I know sometimes modern design doesn’t feel lived in, but I loved it and had to share. I hope you and the family are having a wonderful day today

  4. very cool stairs..thats like my royal fantasy come true. i always dreamed of stairs like those. maybe my future architect husband will design it in my home …wen i find him

    • Hey Eva :). The stairs are very cool. And I’ll tell you what.. when you find your future architect hubby, let me know because I would like those stairs too lol. And I;m sure you will find him ;). I hope you’re having a wonderful day today

  5. Eek – I don’t know if I could live in a place like this… it’s just so…… “transparent” (lol). No privacy at all… you’d better hope you have no neighbours, and I can only imagine how hard it is to keep at an even temperature. Greenhouse-like in summer, and brutally cold in winter maybe? That said… some of the internal architecture is pretty darn cool!

    • Hey Charles :). I knew posting this, it wouldn’t be everyone’s thing but the rich culture of this place is wonderful. And since this house is in a secluded area, I wouldn’t see a problem living here. Glass is just glass, you can buy curtains if you want LOL. But I understand your opinion. I hope you’re having a wonderful day today

  6. As Linda & ChefMom said, I could definitely live in that kitchen as well! Not sure I’d ever want to live in a glass house, but this one is absolutely stunning!

  7. OMG- you know on my last trip to LA, I saw these glass houses at the Manhattan Beach and was floored by the beautiful view & modern look.These houses look private even though they have a glass walls.Thats both cool & fascinating!

    • Hey Tanvi :). I;m so glad you said these houses look private because I think most people equate glass with no privacy and that’s just not true in some homes. You can have the beauty of a view and still have everything private (depends on the house and the architect). But I would’ve loved to have seen those houses :). I hope you and your hubby are having a great day today

    • Hey Spiderpaw :). I think modern homes get a bad rep sometimes. I always look at a modern home as a clean slate.. meaning you can do anything you want to it and it will still look updated and beautiful. I’m happy you like my architectural finds :). Hell I’m just happy you visit lol. You’re a great blog friend :). I hope you and your family had a wonderful day today

    • Hey Samina :). I love this house too and I would definitely live in it. And of course I would invite you and your family over to visit LOL. I’m glad you love the post and you know I love when you visit. I hope you had a great day today

    • Hey Jacqueline :). You know, I never thought about that but you are definitely right. The natural lighting is probably wonderful. Another reason why I should live in this house lol. I hope you had a great day today

  8. What a beautiful and perfect home and yes I too could see myself in that kitchen. I am a neat freak so this house and perfectly manicured garden definitely appeal to me – except the cleaning of all that glass -oh no, hold on a moment, if I could afford that home, I could afford somebody to clean it all for me. :-) :-) Mandy

    • Hey Mandy :). Isn’t this just beautiful? And if you were in the kitchen, I would definitely visit lol. And did someone say Power washer for the glass windows? LOL. LMAO, I LOVE that you said that. I would hire someone to do it too lol. I hope you had a wonderful day today

  9. I saw several houses like these in Auckland, I love them as they give a lot of light inside the house but I guess these types of house should be in a remote place where you are far away from a neighbor to keep your privacy.

    • Hey Raymund :). I absolutely love these types of houses. And you’re right there is so much incredible light that would shine through. I would love it. And thank for letting me know about Auckland, I think I may take an online vacay there lol. I hope you’re having a wonderful day today

  10. Now Thats a Cool house! I love the flow of that black staircase casing. Im like the people you described in your comments, (Im resistant to the idea of ultra modern houses) but in this case, I really love this one. Its the historical melding with the modern that does it for me. :)

    • Hey Lifewith4cats :). Isn’t it? Cool and sexy I think lol. I love when something historical can be reused without being destroyed, whether its with a modern home or a contemporary one. Just the fact that history is being saved does it for me too :). I hope you’re having a great day


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