Unique Paper Sculptures

I thought when I posted ‘Paper Fantastic‘, I wouldn’t find another sculptor that could turn paper into something extraordinary. Turns out, I was wrong. Sydney based artist/sculptor Anna-Wili Highfield creates animals by using diverse materials such as archival cotton paper, cotton thread, copper pipe, timber block, ink, watercolors, and more. Each one of her creations, from far away, don’t appear as if it’s made from paper. For someone to be able to fool the eye and make something this wonderful, is a true artist in every sense of the word. Unique. If you want to view more of Anna’s work, you can check out her website by clicking here. I can remember making paper airplanes, as a child, that never flew anywhere (laughs). So when I see Anna’s work, I definitely have a new-found appreciation for paper art. Enjoy and have a great day :)

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46 thoughts on “Unique Paper Sculptures

  1. Wow – kind of puts my little paper aeroplanes to shame… I remember having a book showing you how to make a little boat and hat and stuff and being so impressed with myself when I did it (ok, it was like 20 years ago, but all the same :p). I seriously wish I could do something like this sometimes – they’d make such cool gifts for friends!

    • Hey Charles :). LOL.. you should’ve seen my paper airplanes. At least you could make different things with paper.. I couldn’t lol. But this art is amazing. I am always amazed at what a creative mind can accomplish. I hope you’re enjoying the day :)

    • Hey Greg :). LOL.. Maybe you should email the artist and see… you never know. This paper art is extraordinary and can you believe after I posted this I found more paper art. Wait till you see some of the other stuff I found. I hope you and Katherine are enjoying your day.. and I loved that chicken recipe

    • Hey Just Ramblin’ :). Aren’t these sculptures just creative? I love it. Honestly, I visit different websites I find on Google. I wake up early Sunday morning, Google ‘Unique art’ and just go through the listings. Sometimes I find wonderful stuff and sometimes I don’t. Depends on what I want to post. I recently was told I curate this blog like an art gallery lol. All I know is I like showcasing interesting things to my blog family because you guys are the best. I hope you’re having such a great day

    • Hey John :). You know, it’s sad that art is being cut in different programs. I don’t think people understand that art can take you anywhere because it teaches you to have an open mind about things. It also gives you a healthy opinion and keeps kids out of trouble. I am trying to keep that alive here :). I hope you have a great day today

    • Hi Toadsongs :). These paper sculptures are just amazingly beautiful and unique. And they really do showcase a lot of movement.. I agree. Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back and rant with us anytime :)

    • Hey Countingducks :). I couldn’t agree with you more, these sculptures take your breath away. And they look so realistic that you wouldn’t even think it’s paper. I’m glad you like them and I hope you’re enjoying your day.

    • Hey Summer :). When you look at some of the sculptures, on the artist website, the stand and the piece coming out of the stand looks like it keeps the sculpture in place. It somehow seems the stand may be incorporated within the sculpture. I’m not sure if I’m right but I know this, these sculptures are beautiful. I hope you’re having a wonderful day today

    • Hey Eva :). I Know!! But you have to love a creative mind because I couldn’t make anything with paper and if I could I would make creative stuff like this. But I would also try to make it fly LOL. I hope you have a great day today

  2. Wow, these are insane! Kind of like glorified origami birds? I don’t know. But I’d like one of those for my living room. My roommate and I have been hunting for decorations lately–how perfect. ;)

    • Hey Caroline :). These are beautiful and the artist is amazing. Since you’re looking for decorations, have you tried Ikea, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or CB2? Love their stuff and you can find some inexpensive finds. Also check out garage sales/flea markets, you’d be surprised what you find there ;). I hope you had a great day today

    • Hey Foodtable :). These are simply beautiful. And how did we end up choosing the same favorites LOL. I love the owl and the eagles wings are phenomenal. I hope you had a great day today

  3. That owl is unbelievably gorgeous! And that horse! I can’t believe this is paper. Paper?! Really?! Wow. Just wow. Now this is the kind of piece I would love to have on my mantle.

    • Hey Mandy :). I totally agree with you. I think about that everyday when I find beautiful things to post on this blog. A creative mind can take you to places no one ever knew :). I hope you had a great weekend

    • Hey Raymund :). LOL I thought of that but It’s a bit more intricate then origami. But anything to do with paper always amazes me because I imagine that’s a difficult materiel to work with when you’re making something that intricate. I hope you had a great weekend :)

    • Oh girl me too don’t even feel bad about it. Sometimes I get so excited that I look at the photos first, then go back read it and look at the photos a second time. You are not alone lol

    • Hey Spiderpaw :). They do look very delicate but tasteful, intricate, and stunning. I still can’t believe it’s paper but the artist did a wonderful job with these sculptures. I’m glad you enjoyed it :)


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