Casas del Sol

Everyone knows I love to travel online. Whenever I have free time, I travel through photos and vow to take a vacation. During my online travels, I found Casa del Sol. This amazing place offers luxurious and contemporary villas that are located in Koh Tao, Thailand. Each villa features an understated, modern beach design that echos the beautiful scenery. And the view is breath-taking, which raises the question ‘Who would even stay in the room?“.. unless something romantic was going on *wink*. I definitely have to add this vacation spot to my list. View more photos of this amazing place by visiting Casas del Sol’s official website. Enjoy the view :)

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37 thoughts on “Casas del Sol

  1. Now here’s a place I could live… Holy crap, look at those views! I have a sneaking suspicion that you probably have “neighbours” within a stone’s throw on either side but wow! Imagine taking a dip in that pool each morning!

    • Hey Charles :). I’m sure there are neighbors near by but I wouldn’t care because I’d be wrapped up in the views and actually having a vacation lol. I sooo need one. But this place is definitely beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful day

  2. Indeed quite spectacular, both in accomodation and views. I can just imagine the kids running riot here :-)

    With a place this good, would you want to go outside? What is needs is a games room overlooking those views, maybe a nice “plush” pool table and a dart’s board….

    Have a nice day.

    • Hey D :). I think the kids would be shocked and then they would run around crazy like my inner child would LOL. The views, the decor, and the pool just looks amazing. I hope you and the family had a nice day

    • Hey Caroline :). You too?!? I LOVE online traveling. You should’ve seen me relaxing by the pool in my head and sipping on some juice lol. Ahhh I really need another daydream lol. I hope you had a wonderful day

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  4. If you love travelling online have you try to use Googles Street View on one of your virtual travels? Its a nice way to see what in the vicinity as well, feels like you are drivng or walking on the street

    • Hey Raymund :). I’ve tried Google Street View for directions but never for online traveling. You just gave me a wonderful idea.. Thanks Raymund. I love my blog family :). I hope you enjoyed your day today

    • Hey Lisa :). Online traveling is a lot of fun isn’t it? It’s a world away from home and I love it. And that room is beautiful. Can I come chillaxe with you? LOL. I hope you had a wonderful day today

  5. Breath-taking views. I also see a theme here from your previous posts. I think someone likes her infinity pools. :) This is a great find and I hope you enjoy your day too.

    • Hey Tinkerbelle :). How are you? I’ve been fantasizing that I was there since yesterday and it hasn’t stopped lol. I really need a vacay soon but for now my online travels are helping out a lot. I hope you had a wonderful day

    • Hey Just Ramblin’ :). I’d have to agree with you, this place is simply breathtaking. And I don’t think I would come back LOL. I would come back because of my family.. but not after I relax first lol. I hope you enjoyed the day

    • LOL I think you and the wife would find other things to do rather then sleeping.. like enjoying the sunset. But since I know you’ve been working hard, you and the wife deserve a vacay like this.

    • Girl I mentally packed my bags, bought the ticket, and waiting for the plane to take me there LOL. I just love online traveling but if I had the chance to go here, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  6. lol, is the bedroom right next to the living room? Now the saying don’t eat in bed is perfect here. Just walk over and eat at the table. The view is beautiful make me want to go on a secluded vacation right now.

    • You know to be honest I’m not sure if the bedroom is close to the living room. But if it is, it’s great.. if not it’s still great. Why? Because it’s a vacation and I need one LOL. I can just lay out on the deck, take a swim, and enjoy the views. That’s such a great day dream girl lol

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