Blog Inspiration 2

I started ‘Blog Inspiration‘ because I wanted to give words of encouragement to fellow bloggers. I love blogging (sharing myself with the world is becoming my signature on life), but it isn’t easy blogging everyday. So I came across this image (an excerpt from an interview) from Ira Glass, an American public radio personality, host, and producer of the radio and television show “This American Life“. Ira’s advice, within this image, is encouraging to anyone… to keep moving forward. View that Youtube Interview Video by clicking here. I hope you feel inspired and NEVER stop blogging when you have something to say.

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30 thoughts on “Blog Inspiration 2

  1. Hey Babygirl I just want to give you kudos as an outstanding blogger. I have only one question for you today; Why don’t you post a real pic of yourself. I know that there are a lot of people out there who would like to see the real you, me included.

    • Hey John :). First off I have to say a HUGE thank you to you for even writing those words on my blog. I truly appreciate you coming here and I appreciate what you just wrote. I haven’t included my real life photo because I wanted the focus to be on what I find, the artist I feature, and of course my voice. Am I going to show my real life photo? Yes.. I do see that happening soon but I haven’t gotten around to being camera ready… I’m more camera shy :). I hope you’re having a great day today.

  2. Kay, that’s such a nice post, can’t wait to click the link, well obviously I am waiting, but anyway. I think this is so true. You have a great blog that inspires a lot of people.

    • Hey Katherine :). I always perk up when I see you and Greg comment. When you see the video, let me know what you think. He really gives some amazing advice in the form of inspiring you to keep going. He speaks of radio and TV but you can really apply it to anything you’re aspiring to do. I think you and Greg’s blog is phenomenal (you know that) and I’m happy you’re apart of my blog family. I hope you and Greg are having a wonderful day

  3. Hey Kay, You are an amazing blogger and I love reading your posts (i’m finally catching up on reading all my fav blogs!) I watched the you tube video and he’s very inspiring. What he says make sense and you can apply it to anything in life that you need inspiration in. I laughed when he played that piece of himself broadcasting, yeah why do the pause every third word? I notice that on the local news, it’s very annoying! I needed some inspiration, feeling overwhelmed! Have a great day and try to stay cool in this heat wave!

    • Hey Lisa :). Thank you so much for saying that Lisa. I really try to share what I love with my blog family and visitors as much as I can. And you already know I adore your blog as well ;). And you’re so right, Ira’s advice can apply to anyone trying to sustain their creativity. I absolutely love how he advises people to keep dreaming. And I never noticed about the third word either, but yes some newscasters do speak that way lol. I hope you and your family had a wonderful day today

    • Hey Kristy :). Thank you so much for saying those kind words and I have to say your blog inspires me as well. Your family life reminds me so much of my own growing up and your recipes are always down to earth. Every now and then “us” bloggers need some inspiration and I’m happy to post it when I can. I hope you had a wonderful day today

  4. Greetings Kay, as always Fantastic post – apologies not been around much, but I’ve been busy battling the devil in the corporate world, reading your posts is a great break from it all.
    I like the one “I wish someone told me”. Also, I think u should refrain from revealing your identity, Banksy style…

    Have a great day

    • Hey D :). Real life catches up with the best of us, so I completely understand and no need to apologize :). And I’m glad my blog can definitely give you a break from real life. We all need one of those. And you know what, I’ve struggled with whether or not to reveal my identity. I don’t think anyone will harm me of course lol, but I always wanted the focus to be on what I’m featuring.. we’ll see what I decide to do. And thank you for the advice. I hope you had a great day today

    • Hey Kemi :). I totally understand because every now and again.. I need to read something inspirational to keep me going. And it’s my pleasure to share with my blog family :). I hope you’re having a fab day

    • Hey Kelly :). I couldn’t agree more. That was the first lesson my father every taught me.. never take no for an answer and if you have to.. never give up dreaming. I’m so glad you enjoy my post like I enjoy your blog. And thank you for being apart of my blog family. I hope you’re enjoying the day

    • Hey Mandy :). Absolutely. When you have something to say, keep at it. Obstacles are always put in our way, even if its in the form of ourselves but we must never give up. And thank you so much for always visiting my blog.. I adore your blog and I appreciate you being apart of my blog family. I hope you’re having a great day ;)

  5. I think Ira puts it quite nicely. Many people would love to blog, but find it hard to produce the required content. Of course it’s easy for anyone to open up a blog. But maintaining it is the battle. Populating it with posts is no walk in the park. It takes time and above all, dedication. You must love what you do.
    Find what you are most passionate about, be it cooking, fashion, art, whatever, share your thoughts with the world. You may just end up inspiring someone. Just as you inspire me miss Kay =)
    Thanks for sharing this. I think I needed to hear it.

    • Hey Belle :). Maintaining a blog is hard work and dedication is definitely required. When I started, I had no idea what I was doing. No books, with the greatest bloggers advice, can prepare you.. you just have to put two feet in front of you and keep going. I talked about a lot on this blog before I found what I really loved talking about. And I do love blogging, but I love the blog family I generated here a lot more. And I’m so happy I inspire you because honestly, each and every one of you inspire me every day to keep going. And girl.. we all need to hear this from time to time :). I hope you’re having a wonderful day

  6. It takes time to get anyone to read and you just have to keep going. Thankyou for reminding me, and for your support for my efforts. It is appreciated and your comments are always to the point and interesting

    • Hey Countingducks :). It definitely takes time to generate the audience you want. But while you’re doing that, your work gets better and people will naturally gravitate to your blog. I believe thats how it works with people who are passionate about what they do. And your writing is amazing, so its only a matter of time for you. And I love getting straight to the point lol. I hope you’re having a great day

    • Hey Spiderpaw :). Your welcome… we all need encouragement, as bloggers, from time to time. real life may always interfere, but our voices should never be silenced when we have something to say. I will forever be a visitor to your blog no matter what. I hope you and your family are enjoying this beautiful day

    • Hey Alejandra :). Blogging can definitely be overwhelming with real life always creeping in. But you can always find time to be creative and express yourself if you stay motivated. This image definitely keeps you motivated. I’m glad you liked this post :). I hope you had a great day today

  7. This is truly great and oh so true. I see this through myself and others that are creative and working toward their dream. A timely post for me! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hey Linda :). This image definitely keeps me motivated to keep posting. You definitely have a beautiful blog that you share and I hope you keep sharing it :). I hope you had a great day today


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