Sangria Fun..

I think everyone knows by now that I don’t drink; but that doesn’t mean I can’t feature one for everyone to enjoy :). So I decided to feature my mother’s favorite drink.. Sangria. Most of the women in my family are casual drinkers and when you mention the word Sangria, everyone’s face light up. So I found 5 wonderful Sangria recipes I thought I’d share. If you’re like me and want a virgin-like Sangria, try mixing Apple Juice with Cranberry Juice or any other fruit juices you like; and add fruit. When I see this drink, it always reminds me of summer. So here’s to the end of a great summer. Cheers!
(Drink AboveAppleJack Sangria | Top row from left to right:  Mexican Sangria Strawberry Rosemary Sangria | Bottom row from left to right: Sparkling Sangria ; White Sangria )

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26 thoughts on “Sangria Fun..

  1. Thank you for adding these wonderful recipes, and I think that we should all be taking a glass or three (You can have something non alcoholic Kay so no worries on that one :)) and sipping the delicious Sangria, preferably laying on a golden beach, and with slaves all around giving us lots of… Okay so I added that for a bit of wickedness but still we should enjoy your offerings Kay and we will :) Cheers or as they say in the UK ‘Bottoms Up’ lol ;) :)

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hey Jacqueline :). I really wanted to showcase different types of Sangria and their recipes for this labor day weekend. There’s nothing like enjoying a nice cold beverage at the end of summer. I hope you’re having a great weekend

  2. Oh I LOVE sangria, I have not had it since I was in portugal. They served it in big glass jugs with a wooden spoon to hold back the fruit til the end of pouring. We sat out in the sun .. oh it was lovely, I desperately needed the real recipe, thank your mum too.. c PS No more talk of summer ending!!

    • Hey ceciliag :). Your trip sounds like so much fun. I bet Portugal was great and you had some good Sangria there. I know my mother enjoys Sangria twice a year so I thought I’d help her and everyone else with some recipes :) and no more end of summer talk lol. I hope you’re having a great weekend

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    • Hey Just A Smidgen :). Don’t you just love mason jars? Just reminds me of my families home. And you have to let me know if you enjoyed that Strawberry Rosemary Sangria ;). I hope you’re having a great weekend

  4. Sangria is one of those things that I wish I liked more than I do because it’s so darned pretty. Maybe I’ll just make it and leave it around as a center piece…then again, not with Miss A (my resident juice junkie) wandering around. I hope you had a great weekend Kay!

    • Hey Kristy :). These drinks are dressed up beautifully. My mother just loves a glass of Sangria during a picnic. She only has one but loves it lol. And Miss A is a juice junkie like me? I knew I loved her so lol. I hope you and the family are enjoying your day


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