Music: Your Eyes..

When you listen to a song, do you ever feel like the lyrics to that particular song conveys what you’re feeling even when words fail you? I find myself feeling that way a lot, especially when I listen to this song. I’ve followed this particular artist for a very long time and her music still puts a smile to my face. Amel Larrieux.. to me.. is a beautiful artist, with honest and romantic lyrics. If date night is approaching, or you just want something beautiful playing in the background, why not play this song entitled “Your Eyes“. I’m such a romantic at heart. Enjoy :)

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24 thoughts on “Music: Your Eyes..

    • Hey Kristy :). And isn’t it such a wonderful feeling? Ever since I found my first tape in my brothers room and listened to it.. I couldn’t help but love music (of course I wasn’t supposed to be in his room but so what lol). I hope you and the family enjoyed your day today

  1. You know, I think that Ozzy Osbourne playing in the background would be more fitting, well it would be for me anyway Kay :) lol. But I do know what you mean though…
    Androgoth XXx


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