Moneyball movie review

Last weekend, I got a chance to see two movies and one of them was “Moneyball”. Did I love it? Read below. “Moneyball” is about Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane’s successful attempt to put together a baseball club on a budget by employing computer-generated analysis to draft his players.

There’s something romantic about a baseball film that draws you in, keeps you interested, and makes you feel wonderful after watching it. To say I loved this movie would be an understatement; it was my pleasure to enjoy a film about a man who envisioned change instead of going with the flow. I haven’t seen a movie like this in a long time. The beauty about this film is that it doesn’t need a love interest, a sexy female lead, or high-octane action scenes. When you have a well written and directed film, with a great cast (in this films case).. you don’t need any of those components. I must admit, I was a bit afraid of watching this movie. I knew I wouldn’t understand any of the baseball terminology if it was presented; but it turned out.. I didn’t need to. This film was all about heart, change, and giving someone the opportunity to show they’re more than what you think they are. When a person believes in themselves, they can make anything happen.. regardless of the opposition in their way; as bloggers, I think we can all relate to that. Simply put.. this movie was great and I’m glad I saw it. I think this film is appropriate for a child to see, but you may have to explain a lot (metaphors and all). As the parent, that decision will be left up to you.

The acting.. extraordinary. Brad Pitt who plays “Billy Beane”, really knocked it out of the park with his performance. I’ve heard people say his performance in this film showed signs of a more mature actor, and I think they were right. Jonah Hill who plays “Peter Brand” also knocked it out of the park. He will definitely be someone I watch in the future. Philip Seymour Hoffman who plays “Art Howe” also did a wonderful job in his role. Chris Pratt who plays “Scott Hatteberg“, Brent Jennings who plays “Ron Washington“, Stephen Bishop who plays “David Justice“, and Robin Wright who plays “Sharon” all did great in their roles.

This film was again, one of the best films I have seen (without action) in a long time. Learning about Billy Beane and his quest for change (while finding himself in the process) was inspiring. His “change” wasn’t about receiving a bigger pay check; but more about getting people out of their own way to start a new era in baseball. I give this movie a 9 out of 10. There is just something romantic about baseball :)

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20 thoughts on “Moneyball movie review

    • Hey Kristy :). This movie really inspired me. After watching, I had this shocked smile on my face. I knew I would give it a 9 before the credits rolled. It was amazing. Let me know how you liked it when you see it. And I needed that mini-vacay girl. Definitely relaxing :). I hope you and the family having a wonderful day today

    • Hey Greg :). I was never a huge Brad Pitt fan either, I did enjoy him in the Ocean’s 11 saga but that was just about it. He really surprised me with this film. I truly believed he was Billy Beane. And its about time his acting skills got better lol. I hope you and Katherine enjoyed your weekend too :).

  1. Thanks for the review. We were just talking about this movie the other day so it is good timing. Unfortunately, they are not showing in the UK so we will have to wait until next year to see it when we move home. :o( Oh well, thanks again! Jenna

    • Hey JDLarkin :). Oh you will love this film. I didn’t think I would because of the baseball terminology.. but that wasn’t a problem. I don’t know why this movie isn’t out in the UK. You’ll probably be able to order the DVD released here in a couple of months before it reaches there lol.. not a bad idea though. I hope you’re enjoying your day today

  2. I do have this movie on my watch-list, but now after reading your review on it I think I need to push it up the order. I take it from your review that this movies is a different type of movie one which don’t come too often – something which I wait for in cinema.

    • Hey British Asian :). This is definitely a different type of movie and I;m glad you caught that from my review :). I get sick of movies needing certain things for it to be watchable. Although, some of them are okay.. this didn’t need any of the trickery to make you like it. It was a very inspiring film and you have to let me know when you see this :). I hope you’re enjoying your day today

    • Hey Geni :). No you don’t need to be an official baseball stats knower lol. They do showcase stats but for the most part, you can get around that because the movie helps out a lot with whats happening next. Let me know if you decide to see this. I hope you’re enjoying your day today


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