The ‘Day to Night’ Project

I don’t think I can ever get tired of seeing New York City in photographs. Each photographer has their own interpretation of my city, and the ones I feature here are usually my favorite. For instance, Photographer Stephen Wilkes has created the ‘Day to Night‘ project; each photo merges together day and night seamlessly into one. To achieve this, Stephen photographs one scene from the same perspective until he captures day to-night within a single frame. And each photo is just as breathtakingly beautiful as the next. I love this project and I hope you do too. Click the link above for more. Enjoy :)

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40 thoughts on “The ‘Day to Night’ Project

  1. I must say Flatiron is my favourite from the ones in your post. Being someone who has a keen interest in photography and digital imagining, I never thought of merging day and night photo’s into one. WOW this is something special. I agree that New York has something special and you never get enough in seeing the city through imagery.

    I guess merging day and night photographs together is something worth trying.

    Once again, awesome post.

    • Hey British Asian :). I agree, this photo series is definitely something special and I love viewing these photos. This photographer is simply amazing. I can’t wait to see more of his work. I hope you enjoyed the day

  2. These are gorgeous Kay! I never tire of seeing NYC either. And I love the fusion of day and night. Very clever. It’d be cool to do seasons too. I just love the creativity that you find around the web. :)

    • Hey Kristy :). Me either.. and I live here lol. Living here sometimes doesn’t allow you to appreciate the city much.. especially when working. But seeing photos like these allows me to stop and appreciate my surroundings sometimes. I hope you and the family enjoyed your day

    • Hey Kelly :). Really?! I know you guys will have an amazing time when you visit this city. And I just know your boys will love it. Let me know when you guys plan to go. I hope you and your family enjoyed the day

  3. Wow, the central park one looks almost other-worldly! The flatiron pic – every time I see that building I’m always worried it’s going to topple over! Looks so thin at the corner :D

    • Hey Charles :). Lol.. I don’t think the building will topple over lol.. but I totally understand that thought. I used to think that when I was little when I first saw it. These photos are just amazing and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you had a great day

  4. This is so, so awesome. Such a great idea. He did a fantastic job blending the day to night. I would gladly hang one of these photographs in my room, next to my NY street art. :)

  5. I love New York and can’t wait to visit again some day. These photos are so imaginative, I love the one in Washington park that shows night at the back, it’s as if the sun is rising and setting at the same time..

  6. Whether given a city, barren trees, a bowl of fruit, or whatever – photographers impress me on how they can use a variety of techniques, setting, etc, to create such a variety of images … and then, the one that moves us differs from person to person. Meanwhile, the Flatiron pic is my fav here. Thanks for sharing.

  7. HI Kay, I love this. This is truly representing New York to a T. For me the city is full of life because it never stop. The streets are always busy 24hr. When you want to go and eat in the middle of the night there is always someone open, I love that city. Hey perhaps that where the saying come from “I Love NY”.

    • Hey girl :). I agree.. I think once you’ve visited NYC, you always have some type of love for the city. Living here, allows you to love it more, especially when you go to more rural or suburb areas where everything closes super early lol. And I know, you know, what I’m talking about lol. I hope you’re having a great day

    • Hey Aimee :). I think you would absolutely love the city. It is magical, especially when seeing it for the very first time. I truly think you will love it and let me know when you decide to come :). I hope you’re having a great day

  8. Some truly amazing snaps there and great skill in merging them together.

    Only a matter of time when I will take my first steps in New York City! This serves up more of the excitement.

    Thanks Kay!


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