52 thoughts on “Christmas Time is Near..

  1. Lol, I really wanted to write the same like you. I’ not really into snow globes, because I think they’re boring, but these ones are kinda cool :D

    • Hey Island Traveler :). You’re right.. it is a beautiful white Christmas at the palm of your hand. And these snow globes are just so cute. I am hoping we don’t actually have real snow this year lol. I hope you’re enjoying the day

  2. Very cute! I used to have a bunch when I was a kid. I think they all ended up leaking or breaking over time. Now I have two special ones – one from a trip and one from the kids. And you can bet they love both of them! There’s something just magical about them. :)

    • Hey Kristy :). Mine too.. I had a few but they all broke. These snow globes, to me, are a little more stylish so I am thinking about getting one. They are still magical.. so I see why the kids love them :). I hope you and the family are enjoying the day

  3. I used to own a snow globe many moons ago, still remember it, rosso red base with a plum snowman inside surrounded by a snow-filled garden.

    Recently saw a re-run of the movie “Unfaithful”, that had quite a few (snow) globes in it.


    • Hey D :). Snow globes are just fun to have around during the holiday season. They’re just so magical and fun. And I definitely have to check that film out to see the different types of snow globes they featured. I hope you’re enjoying the day

    • Hey tokyohamster :). These snow globes are chic and will fit inside any decor you have for the holiday season. I would even keep it around for the whole winter season.. it just fits. I hope you’re enjoying the day

    • Hey Khushjenny :). On Sundays, I get me a cup of tea, a sweet treat, and then just click away at art websites, design and architecture firm websites, and home decor store websites. Sometimes I find great stuff, sometimes I don’t. But whatever I find that’s great, I always showcase here. And I’m so happy you enjoy my blog because I enjoy yours as well :). I hope you’re enjoying the day

    • Hey Courtney :). I think these are more for the adult that still love Christmas magic :). I love this time of year, but since they’re so simplistic and beautiful, they can really stay around the house all winter. I hope you’re enjoying the day

    • Hey Caroline :). These are most definitely chic, wonderful, and can even still grace your decor during the winter months. You can find them cheaper at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. You’ll love them :). I hope you’re enjoying the day

  4. I like these, very creative indeed… Now get your stocking up, noooo I mean the one on the wall cheeky blimey you get worse you do ;) :)

    Androgoth XXx

    • Hey Androgoth :). LOL.. No stocking for me this year. Just a tree. But I also think if they had an all black snow globe with an amazing design inside, it could be just as chic. I hope you are enjoying your day


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