My Winter Closet

In my last personal post, I give everyone a glimpse into the world of me. I, quite frankly, thought I was kinda boring (laughs). So all this month (since this is my birthday month), I decided to give you a glimpse into my life.. my closet, my fav. things, and maybe a photo of me (some of you thought I should post one and some of you thought I should remain anonymous). Today, you’re stepping into my closet. Here are some of the winter items I love/own and each item cost less than $70.. you know I love a bargain. Yes, there is a lot of black, but I rather bring in color through tops/accessories. Basic pieces help me stay on budget (and yes that’s the $30 Steve Madden purse I got from Marshall’s; and I did tell you if I wore a dress it would be no frills). What are you favorite winter items in your closet?

Left to right: ASOS Polo neck Midi Dress . Braided Chain Necklace . Twist & Rhinestone Bangles . Steve Madden Makala Satchel Bag . Winter Legging . Kenneth Cole Reaction Turn & Flirt Booties

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66 thoughts on “My Winter Closet

    • Hey DD :). Why thank you.. that is such a HUGE comment. I love her style.. simplistic and beautiful. And I love simplistic clothing items.. no fuss is wonderful in the morning :). I hope you had a great weekend

  1. Great stuff Kay! Gotta love Marshalls and TJ! I think I would like shopping through your closet. ;) I especially love that necklace. And I’m so excited for your birthday! How fun is that?! :) I’m digging those shoes too.

    • Hey Kristy :). I definitely love TJ am Marshall’s.. they are the best! Yes my birthday is approaching and I am a bit excited and nervous of getting older of course lol. But I hope to do something fun and lo key this year. And the wedge shoes are SOOOO comfortable. They work great in snow with the rubber soles :). I hope you and the family had a great weekend

  2. I am a conservative dresser though love my shirts, simple to outrageous…hate wearing a tie so the shirt needs to be spot on. Like ur choice although I would struggle to fit in some of them.

    • Hey D :). Hey, if you can pull off a look without a tie, you’re the man in my book :). And don’t even try to get into any of these styles lol… They are not for men LOL. I hope you had a great weekend

    • Hey Yummychunklet :). Oh girl they are. They have rubber soles and they work great and they are so comfortable. I did have to put a ball of the foot cushion in them because I have a low arch, but they are warm and comfortable. I hope you had a great weekend

  3. Wow, I may be hunting on for that dress. And I’ve got those shoes in black!! Love your style. I’ll probably do a “winter closet” post before spring. Thanks for sharing :-). Kx

    • Hey Kemi :). Hunting on ASOS is a lot of fun. You definitely can find bargains on that site.. and a lot of dresses I know you will love :). I can’t wait to see your winter closet post.. I just know you have incredible style as well :). I hope you had a great weekend

    • Hey Katherine :). Oh the bangles are soo cute in person and so inexpensive. I even learned a trick to make costume jewelry last (let me know if you want to know). And I love comfy chic clothes.. and you’re so right.. you don’t need to show skin to look sexy. I hope you and Greg had a great weekend

  4. I love the idea of chic for under $70 – that’s my kind of fashion! :) The black turtleneck dress is a killer… love it! The necklace is rather lovely too… how fun Kay!

    My favourite winter items? Besides a huge thermos of rum (ha-ha!) – I can’t live without my North Face ‘hockey mom’ coat – long, double quilted, almost to the knees (so that when you sit down in the -30 arena, it covers your butt!) :)

    • Hey Kelly :). Oh I LOVE a bargain. I just don’t feel like we should pay so much to look good. I just love shopping at Target, Marshall’s and I always receive emails for deals at certain stores. I’m so happy you like my style, I know I love wearing it because it’s so comfy. and I LOVE a north face coast.. there’s nothing like it.. and I know you look great in it :). I hope you had a great weekend

    • Hey CravesAdventure :). Oh the boots are so comfy. I love the rubber soles because they can be worn in the winter, the fall, or even in the summer if it isn’t too hot. And I can wear them longer which is my favorite part about them :). I hope you had a great weekend

  5. Did you nick off with my dress?.. and my hand bag too? Lovely simple one time or another i have owned something similiar to each one other than the boots.. I cannot do wedged heels – i am a high heeled court shoe girl.. In fact i am just about to put on a turtle neck black top with sleeves to my knuckles, long dark jeans, a forty year old belt and high court shoes.. a black knee length wool coat, scarf, of course and off we go!! snap! c

    • Hey Ms. Cecilia :). LOL, no ma’am I didn’t but I love that your style is impeccable. I just know it is :). And I completely understand about heels. I love heels, but when you’re walking the streets of NYC sometimes, you need a break with something stylish.. and the wedge is usually where I run to when I want that look. Seriously.. I just LOVE your style :). I hope you had a great weekend

    • Hey Eva :). LMAO.. I can’t stop laughing. Join the club. My mom and I wear the same shoe size so she is always going through my closet for anything I’m not wearing and vice versa. She has amazing style in shoes and clothes as well. I hope you had a great weekend

  6. Excellent choices! I also recently started switching my wardrobe over to almost-all-black. (I have a collection of bright accessories to make sure it doesn’t look like I’m attending a funeral.) So much simpler and it suits my style! Bold but no fuss!

    • Hey Beth :). Don’t you just love black? It’s no fuss in the morning and it goes with any color I decide to wear it with. Of course I don’t wear black everyday, but it’s a staple in my closet. It’s a wonderful alternative, and it keeps me on budget. I hope you had a great weekend

  7. Love your closet and this is should come as no surprise…I think you have great taste! :) I esp like the dress, the bag, and the shoes… As for me, SF doesn’t really have four seasons, so I pretty much swear by my NF jacket. For work, I just wear slacks and black tops. My favorite indulgence is earrings and handbags. I love very simple but intricate & functional designs that doesn’t break the bank but are great pieces. Maybe one day, I will do a post on what I wear…but mostly, I love to read about yours. :)

    • Hey Foodtable :). Thank you :). I love the bag, and the dress is so comfy.. and my mom tries to steal my bag all the time LOL. I love a good black top.. especially when Aunt Flo comes to town lol. And I am with you, I love simple, but wonderful pieces that can be worn any season and not break the bank. Accessories are really a cheap way to update your look without buying all the trendy stuff. I hope you had a great weekend

  8. Very stylish! My wardrobe faves are my Doc Marten boots. Of course, it’s summer here now so I’m not wearing them so much – it’s shorts and slip on clog style shoes for me.

    • Hey Mandy :). Girl.. that’s what i said when I saw it in the store and saw it was $30. And another woman was eying it but she didn’t know I wasn’t letting that deal past me LOL. it can be brutal in Marshall’s girl LOL. I hope you had a great weekend

  9. I feel like I just wandered into a woman’s changing room – all this talk of handbags and shoes is making me dizzy ;)

    As a guy, I’ll stick with my leather coat and thick, hooded wool cardigan for winter. No matter how cold it is, if I’m wearing those two things I’ll be fine ;)

    • Hey Charles :). LOL.. Aww I didn’t mean to make you dizzy. I just had to share my closet with all the ladies and some men :). And there is nothing more classic then a great leather coat. I truly need to purchase another one. I hope you had a great weekend

    • Hey Courtney :). Lol.. You and your husband should have date night at least once a month, dress up and have a good ol romantic time ;). Just thinking of places for you to wear your nice stuff :). I hope you had a great weekend

    • Hey Lisa :). Oh I LOVE Target. I bought 4 sweaters from there, for cheap. I especially love their clearance section. We need to go shopping at Target together one day if you’re in NYC or if I’m there :). I hope you and your family are having a great day

  10. Yes I am now wondering about all the other bits and pieces you left out on this one :) ;). Of course i do have a very good imagination and so I will just fill in the gaps as I see fit :). Have a lovely Tuesday Kay :)
    Androgoth XXx

    • Hey Carolyn :). Black can be matched with anything and is always in with every season. So you can get away with having a basic black pencil skirt for years and still be updated. And with black, I always stay on budget :). I hope you had a great day

  11. Since I have never not posted here, I must say that I agree with Bobby in that you do have great taste. I, however will be just fine wearing my jeans, Northface jacket, and Merrill hiking boots.

    • Yes, I know you’re a manly man lol (we won’t even discuss when you tried to send yourself upstream for a photo lol). And thanks so much for the wonderful compliment :). I hope you’re having a great day today


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