Baja Chicken and Slaw Sliders

Today marks the end of Game Day recipe month. But I think I’ve saved the best 2 recipes (in my opinion) for last. Starting off with a healthy option, I love this Baja Chicken and Slaw Slider recipe. I love regular burger sliders, but there are times when I would like to eat a healthier slider.. so this recipe is perfect. I also love that anyone can make this at any time; it’s a wonderful appetizer, a great snack, and of course a healthy dinner option when paired with veggies or a salad. And I can just imagine kids loving this. View the ingredient list below, click the link for the recipe, and stay tuned for one more Game Day recipe. Enjoy

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32 thoughts on “Baja Chicken and Slaw Sliders

    • Hey, I’m not worried and I’m not tired of the birthday wishes lol. I am celebrating all week.. party until I drop LOL. I hope you like the next recipe coming up. I hope you and Katherine have a great weekend

  1. I totally agree with you Kay that this is a nice change to the burger sliders!! In fact, I’m excited about this and I really think I’m going to add this to my menu!! My son loves those little Hawaiin sweet rolls!!

    • I love those Hawaiian sweet rolls too :). Your son definitely has an amazing palate I see :). I’ve already tried these and let me tell you they are good and slightly addictive lol. You can really add any flavor you want to these. Please let me know when you make these Linda, I know you guys will love them. I hope you have a great weekend

      • I can see that I would love those Kay :) Yummy… Have a very nice start to your Thursday, I do enjoy calling into your Space but if I get a tad behind , I am behind on everyone’s, so I will call whenever i get the opportunity :) Did I ever tell you how much I witter sometimes? ;) ;) lol

        Androgoth XXx

        • Oh Androgoth :). I don’t mind that you’re behind. I understand real life is to be taken care of first and I wouldn’t have it any other way :). And you’re a writer.. I expect you to write you know ;). I hope you had a great day

  2. I love sandwiches, in all shapes and forms :D These look fabulous, although I can’t help but think that the piece of chicken inside is insanely large, in proportion to the rest of the sandwich… not that that’s necessarily a bad thing :D

    • Lol.. It might be a little large but the beauty of this recipe is, you can decide how much you want to put on the sandwich :). But I;m with you, I don’t mind the portion size either LOL. Well only for the big game LOL. I hope you had a great weekend

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  4. I can just see the kids with this sandwich. All of those lovely ingredients would be pulled off and they’d have a a piece of chicken between two buns and probably with a hefty dose of ketchup. :) I on the other hand would find this quite refreshing.

    • I agree, I find the whole recipe amazingly refreshing compared to the traditional sliders. These are really addictive too Kristy. I think the kids would love them. I hope you and your family had a great weekend

    • Awwww I just love that Lisa :). You’re boys are just the cutest and I hope they do like these. I know when I made these, I became addicted to them :). I hope you and your family had a great day

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