Minimalist, Black & White’s

The Oscar’s are over, the winners have been announced, and these beautiful black and white photos will forever stand the test of time. Photographer Gavin Bond shot these prolific black and white photos for Newsweek magazine’s Oscar Roundtable which occurred before the big night. These photos have circulated the web for a month now, which is why I wasn’t going to post them. But seeing them again 2 days ago, just compelled me to write this post. These photos say so much without ever needing words. Read the original article here.. Enjoy

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57 thoughts on “Minimalist, Black & White’s

  1. I’d not seen the photos, so, thanks for bringing them to my attention. The portraits are striking, aren’t they? I’m off to read the article now. Enjoy your day!

    • Yes, they most certainly are :). But I think black and whites definitely have that affect.. they make most photos look vintage and classic :). I hope you’re having a great day

  2. When done well, B&W images are awesome … then again, to be awesome, they must be done well. Ah ha … I see you’ve provide a pic of one of Cincinnati’s favorite native sons – Mr. Clooney. . …. oops, an FYI: since you enjoy travel and exotic lands, you may enjoy my next post (hopefully going live tonight). :) Thanks Kay, and enjoy your day

    • You are so right frank. Not all black and whites are classic, but most of them are and I always enjoy viewing them :). And now you have me excited to view your next post :). I hope you’re having a great day

  3. You can’t beat B & W images, so much more powerful, so much more intense. It also gives you so much more scope to “tinker” with them in terms of contrast and shade.

    …and I should really not use “so much more” too many times in a sentence.


    • You are right Kelly :). Black and whites give the viewer an intimate look at whatever subject the photo is about. Not to mention its so pretty lol.. just like Uggie :). I hope you had a great day

  4. Yes I always favour the b&w photographs Kay :). They have a kind of Authentic feel to them don’t you think? :). See, I can comment without being naughty you know? ;) :)

    Androgoth XXx

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