Remember Vinyl Records?

… I know I do. I remember going to a roller skating party (ahh the late 80’s), the DJ putting on a vinyl record, and everyone skating the night away.. or until our parents came and got us (laughs). Well designer/illustrator Alejandro de Antonio Fernandez definitely remembers them.. and has created a collection of portraits inspired by vinyl records. These portrait sculptures (as I like to call them) look so cool. I can definitely see myself hanging this on my wall. Click the link above to view more.. Enjoy

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84 thoughts on “Remember Vinyl Records?

    • Oh my mother used to tell me about 45’s lol. LMAO I can’t believe you pulled the Geritol on me LOL. You always make me smile.. thank you :). I hope you had a great weekend

  1. My neighbor and I went to go check out an estate sale in our sub, her 14 year old daughter asked what this big cd was! we bothed laughed and said it’s a record and that’s record player….she looked confused and said what does that mean! lol Man did we feel old!

    • Oh Lisa.. I LOVE estate sales. I wish I had time to go to more honestly. And the big cd is just too darn cute to hear lol. I would’ve felt old too lol but you know.. educating her might actually make her love vinyls too ;). I hope you had a great weekend

  2. Late 80’s I remember cassette, maybe only limited people know about vinyl records in my place back then.
    But I think the art is awesome. Isn’t it very difficult to shape the vinyl?

    • I grew up using cassettes for as long as I remember but my mom always had her vinyls around. I loved the sound which made me love music. They do have a better sound than cassettes though.. but so does cds lol. You know, I would think it would be hard but I can see it being pliable if the right material was used. I hope you had a great weekend

    • You know Courtney… I have no idea where they come up with this stuff lol. But I am so glad someone thought of it because this is just so darn cool :). And I’m happy I’m not the only one who went to roller skating parties ;). I would go to one now too. I hope you had a great weekend

  3. Love the vinyl! I remember I used my very first allowance money to buy a Michael Jackson album. :) And then there’s my dad’s collection – so fun! I can definitely see one of these on your wall – it totally fits the type of place you’ve described dreaming of. And I agree with Courtney…miss those roller skate parties. ;)

    • Wow.. I remember the Michael Jackson album :). That was definitely a blast from the past for me ;). You went to the skating parties too? I think me, you , and Courtney needs to find a skating ring.. take both of your beautiful children, and go together ;). I hope you and your family had a great weekend

    • Lol… I love that phrase Charlie ;). Well at least you still have your collection.. I know some people that don’t have any of theirs. I know my mom lot some of hers too but I love what she does have :). I hope you had a great weekend

  4. My first music I ever bought was on vinyl – lol, I think my mother still has it in her record box somwhere. I’m no audiophile but I’m not sure what the attraction of vinyl is, compared to a standard CD. If you have good speakers then a CD is great!

    Cool art – I don’t think I’d put one on my wall… I prefer more conventional stuff, but I definitely appreciate this :)

    • CD’s are definitely great, but to understand vinyl, is to understand how older music sounded on them. The older songs were magic on vinyl and had a different sound then CD’s now provide. It was more than a clearer sound that we love now.. it was a little more authentic and raw.. which I’ve come to appreciate from vinyl. But making art out of an old object is always unique to view :). I hope you had a good day

  5. This is really cool! My mom still have boxes of records she listen to. She is not into tapes or cd’s but do listen to cd’s once in a blue but always listen to her records. I will never forget when her record player broke (well the needle part that plays the record). We hunted and hunted until we found another record player, lol. We got lucky though. We found one integrated with a record player, cd, tape, and radio channel. When I go and visit her we always play a record and dance together. Love visiting family, especially my mom!

    • Thank you for sharing such a beautiful memory. I felt honored to read this :). My mother use to have a record player as well.. but we never got her another one. I was thinking about purchasing her an integrated one and i think I will do that after reading your comment :). I hope you had a good day

      • Hi Kay, your very much welcome. I know your mom will love it and truly be surprise. Plus I am sure so much wonderful memories will be trigger and you might learn a few new things you have not:) It is something about little things from the past that trigger beautiful memories. Wishing you a great week!

        • Memories sometimes help you get through stress, bad times, and they can also motivate you. The past can definitely teach us lessons and certainly help us with our future :). I hope you have a great week ahead :)

  6. Kay, what a terrific idea, but I still love the feel, the sound and the album covers that we get with Vinyl records. Marvin Gaye, Ella, Burt Bacharach even Coldplay on vinyl you really feel that you have a listening experience. After say this I still like the art work.

    • I love the sound of vinyl music as well. It’s such an authentic and wonderful sound. I LOVE Marvin Gaye as well.. my mom has his vinyls in her home :). I hope you had a good day

  7. Wow Kay, so interesting these portraits…so funny that a few weeks ago when visiting a friend, he was playing with vinyl records, which I thought we in extinction :)
    Great post! Hope you have a great week ahead :)

    • Oh they are so not in extinction Juliana :). I still see them around in the remaining music or video stores that are still open. I am so happy you enjoyed this post :). I hope you had a good day

  8. Hi Kay! I’m don’t remember about vinyl records but my mom was into it. I don’t know what happened to them. Time and technology passes by way too quickly, but I do love the art – very unique and I’m sure music lovers want one!

    • You are so right, time and technology does pass quickly. In the next ten years, there will probably be something better than CD’s :). But vinyls are just fun to listen to and will probably be around as long as they continue to make them :). I hope you had a good day

  9. I not only remember them Kay I have a box full of them and they certainly take up a lot of room I can tell you :( lol. I hope you are having a nice time :)

    Androgoth XXx

    • I remember those record players.. they were amazing.. and the future multi cd player of that time :). Gotta love the sound of the vinyl sound :). Thanks for reminding me of those players Eva :). I hope you had a good day

    • Some people do think vinyls are useless and to me they aren’t. So if you have records that aren’t going to be used.. recycling them and making them into art is definitely something beautiful and better than dumping them. Vinyls should be appreciated one way or another :). I just love vinyls :). I hope you had a good day

  10. Wow, these are fantastic! I would definitely have these on my wall, thanks for sharing! Enjoy the rest of the week :-)

  11. I don’t think I have ever gotten over vinyl – I used to love coming out of the record store with this big piece of vinyl that was in a cover that was a work of art. I even remember bemoaning how I missed that when CDs came out, and now you buy tunes digitally !

    The crackle of vinyl as the needle worked its way on the groove before the music started … ah…. what great memories.

    I still have all my dad’s old jazz vinyl. Just no record player to play them on :(

    • Oh the crackle of vinyl from the needle is what I miss most. Although I grew up in the cassette age, my mother still had vinyls and would play them all the time. I came to appreciate and love the sound they have. You definitely have to find a great record player. I know they have some good ones out there :). Make sure you play them and out a smile on your face. I hope you have a great weekend :)


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