Sugar Steak with Bourbon

When I was growing up, my mom sometimes prepared ‘easy meals’. You know, those meals that were easy to make after work (smiles). Those dishes consisted of steak, more steak, and spaghetti (laughs). Yes, we ate a lot of different types of food.. but when she had a hard day.. she pulled out that easy meal. So in salute to my mom, today’s theme is ‘Steak‘. And this Sugar Steak with Bourbon recipe from Food52, would definitely make her happy. And I’m guessing some of you as well (smiles). View the ingredient list below and click the link for the recipe. Another recipe coming up..

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33 thoughts on “Sugar Steak with Bourbon

  1. Kay your timing couldn’t have been better! We’re making a flank steak recipe for our state night tonight and this will be the perfect addition to the recipe! Plus we don’t drink bourbon very often (if at all) and we have a bottle of it that could use some love. :) I’m thinking this will take our recipe over the top. Perfect!

  2. Your Mother sounds like a wonderful cook, Kay, especially if spaghetti was a “go to” dinner for her to prepare. :)
    This steak is going to find it’s way onto my dinner plate. It sounds delicious and thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

    • Hi Hookedontaste :). I’m so happy you liked this :). If you try it, please let me know :). Thank you for visiting my blog, come back and rant with us anytime. I hope you’re having a good day

  3. I think most of my mom’s weeknight dishes were “easy meals” for sure.. it was tough working and coming home to cook something in a short period of time. The slow cooker made an entrance now and then, as did eggs! Love the bourbon and sugar on this steak!! Wow!

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  5. Oh my goodness. Steak and bourbon is a great combo. Just reminded me that we were recently served a bourbon sauce with some flank steak .. YUM … The chef gave me the recipe (Cheers!) and I used it as a marinade for boneless pork ribs … (More cheers!) … and then reduced it into a serving sauce. (A standing ovation now).

  6. It seems easy to do and simple, I think I will give it a try.

    I always say the same : “I should give it a try, I think I will try this, I will definitely try this recipe…” and finally, I end by doing nothing!! I guess I’m too lazy for cooking lol.

    But I promise that one near day I’ll try many of your recepes,a dn let you know how they were :)


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