Advice from a Successful Innovator

Sometimes, taking advice from another may deflate your confidence and leave you believing you can’t achieve your dreams. When that happens, listen to your gut and to an innovative genius like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, & more. Artist Nuno Filipe Miranda created this project by taking a photo of an innovator, fading the photo into a background, then placing their amazing advice into the photo to inspire us all. Whenever you need inspiration.. make sure to visit this the link above. Wonderful work Nuno Filipe Miranda. Enjoy

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24 thoughts on “Advice from a Successful Innovator

  1. That’s quite a collection of quotes, in its own right. Pairing each with its author’s face makes them seem so much more powerful. Thanks, Kay, for bringing this exhibit to our attention. :)

  2. Very inspiring quotes Kay.

    My personal fav.

    “Why do we fall sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up” Batman Begins

    Appreciate it’s not on the same scale as the greats above, but I love it:-)

    Have a nice day.

  3. Steve Jobs, a wise man in his matters of Apple and innovation gadgets.

    It’samazing how, a single sentence, can make you think so much about it trying to get the true meaning of the sentence, or at least, trying to find your own good meaning or conclusion :)


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