Where have you been?!

… well I must admit, I took a mini vacation. I am actually doing what I never thought I would do.. I’m taking some time to relax. Who would’ve thought. I did, however, feel bad about not visiting all the wonderful blogs I visit on a daily basis; and I missed responding to all of my blog family through comments. I will resume visiting my favorite blogs by the end of this week and comment responses will resume by next week.

To all the wonderful blog family members & blog owners that I’ve come to appreciate and adore.. it’s okay to slow down for a moment and appreciate life!

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29 thoughts on “Where have you been?!

  1. Good for you! Definitely need to take some time off for yourself. I did the same thing and just came back…kinda wish I could just keep relaxing though..lol. I hope you come back much relax, happy, and well rested. :) Definitely will miss you, too. :)

  2. Hi Kay – hope you got some good relaxation… it’s very important to take time for yourself from time to time – recharge the batteries and fuel fresh inspiration :)

  3. Everyone needs some time off. You work so damn hard I am very happy to see that you have taken a break. Take your time, you know me I’ll be here waiting.

  4. Hi Kay, I love your quote “it’s okay to slow down for a moment and appreciate life!”. I heard the choir singing in my head. You are so right. Life goes by so quickly that we have to stop and wonder what have I done, where have I went, did I really spend my whole time doing this when I could of be doing that, question after question. Life is too precious to neglect and not to enjoy. I applaud you for taking time out for yourself!


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