Elegance.. without the Fuss

I don’t like a fussy room; you know the rooms that have three different themes (intentionally designed that way) going on that don’t make any sense? Yes, those rooms.. always give me a headache. Designing your space doesn’t have to be complicated.. and you can use the wonderful works of the  Mendelson Group as your guide if you like. There’s just something comforting and relaxing about each of their spaces.. elegance without the fuss. As for me.. I love that blue chair within the dark wood bookcases. Click the link to view more. Enjoy

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22 thoughts on “Elegance.. without the Fuss

  1. You would hate my house then Kay. I don’t think i have ever consciously bought furnishings to match anything.. even my plates don’t match though they are all white!! (laughter!).. c

  2. I would love a study that this one! It looks so sophisticated, nothing like what i have :-) Hope you’re doing well

  3. Every room but the kitchen seem fine to me,
    but have you seen the clutter in that kitchen? :(
    Well at least i don’t have to clean those plates
    that are directly above the hob :(

    Have a fun start to your week Kay :)

    Androgoth XXx


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