Misoyaki Roast Chicken

I think I said this before, but I’ll say again.. I’m a chicken connoisseur and I’m proud of it (laughs). I also love finding new chicken recipes.. so today I’m featuring two totally different roast chickens. And I couldn’t think of a better theme name then “I Feel like Chicken tonight..“. Remember that old jungle?.. Love it. And I think you will enjoy this Misoyaki Roast Chicken with Shoyu Onion Sauce recipe from Food52. Doesn’t this look delicious? I really should stop posting when I’m hungry.. oh, and Kristy, this recipe has Red Miso Paste (smiles). View the ingredient list below and click the link for the recipe. 1 more recipe coming up..

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16 thoughts on “Misoyaki Roast Chicken

  1. Kay this sounds tasty! I’ve been experimenting with baked tofu and I think I’ll try your recipe this weekend and see how it comes out. Watch for the new post. Have a great long weekend!

  2. Darn it. I still have not made a roast chicken. I meant to do that all winter, then all spring…thank you for the reminder. This looks like a good one. :)


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