Crispy Chicken Skewers

When I first thought of the theme Easy Kid & Grown-Up Friendly Meals, my mind remembered some of the cutest kids I’ve seen on wonderful blogs I read everyday. But one little boy, yes I’m talking about you Mr. N, reminds me of myself when I was little and loved homemade chicken nuggets. So, I thought parents, and grown-ups alike, would love this Crispy Chicken Skewers with Homemade Honey BBQ Sauce recipe. It’s baked, it’s easy, and its fun to eat! Don’t ya just love simple meals sometimes? I know I do. View the ingredient list below and click the link for the recipe. Happy Friday!

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12 thoughts on “Crispy Chicken Skewers

  1. Now, I’ll admit – even *I* love crispy chicken, and I’m not even a huge chicken fan. Something about tender chicken, a crisp outer shell… and a good dip… oh yeah, makes me go weak at the knees :D

  2. Hi Kay! Just catching up from the weekend…Mr. N will be home from school soon and I’m going to share this with him. He will just love the post and the recipe. You know you’re one of his favorite blogs! :) I have a feeling he’ll be requesting this chicken dinner very soon. :) Thank you!


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