kchiceggs2Can you believe we are officially 9 days away from Easter? Where did the time go? I feel like we just rang in the New Year. Well, time waits for no one. And today seems like the perfect day to get a head start on deciding what Easter egg designs I’m making this year.

I love boiling the eggs, then combining them with glitter, markers, food coloring, and whatever else I decide to use. Who says adults can’t have fun making Easter eggs. It’s not just for the kids anymore… or am I just a big kid at heart? (smiles). Continue >


ktsspringstaplesIf you know me, then you know I’m not a huge trend follower. I just don’t think every trend works for every person or every body shape. And quite frankly, my wallet can’t take buying the latest thing only to only wear it for 3-4 months out of a year. It ends up being a waste of money.

Instead, I love collecting classic pieces that can work with just about anything in my closet. And when you have that type of flexibility, it makes it easier to decide what you’re wearing for the day. Here are my favorite closet staples.
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