Looking for a fun, spring party idea for your girlfriends? Then why not throw a glam and fun grown up Tea Party. But I will admit, this Tea Party is a bit different than any other you’ve gone too. Sure it still has that same ladylike flair, but instead of coming in clothes your grandma would wear, I would ask my ladies to come in gowns to celebrate the amazing, sexy women that they are.
pptpartyA fun girlfriend party is a great way to catch up, strengthen already wonderful friendships, and a day to leave the kids at home with daddy (smiles). Enjoy lovlies..


in32214Sometimes, as adults, we get in our way. We convince ourselves that we don’t need something, we’re comfortable in a career that we hate, and we convince ourselves that we’re happy when we’re really not. STOP. I know it’s not easy, but everyday make a conscious effort to acknowledge your feelings and believe in yourself. Everyday, you need to know how important YOU are and how being happy should be a top priority for you.

If you’re looking for things to change, then GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. Things will only happen when you do.