in7114There’s just something about being in love. It makes you happy, it transforms your outlook on things, and it just simply makes you feel good. There’s nothing more beautiful, more fulfilling, more unconditional, or more adventurous than love.

Yes I’ve heard love can be overrated, but there is nothing else in this world that can change lives but love. So today, make a conscious effort to love yourself and love life. We only get one chance, one go at this… why not love it.

Thank goodness for love.


There’s something about this little red fruit that makes me close my eyes, curl up my lips, and say to myself “Now this is heaven“. And believe it or not, I’m seriously considering trying my hand at growing my own with the strawberry growing kit for your apartment. Who knows if it will work, or if I will curse if I find out I killed my precious fruit (laughs), but who cares I must try.
But before I try, I have a ton of strawberries in my place that I must put in my belly. And since these recipes from Food52 have me intrigued… why not make these.