in10714I grew up always being told, “You need to find a good job with benefits and a pension.” Unfortunately, these days, job security is hard to find. Which is why its more important than ever to find a career that will make you happy, keep you passionate, and where everyday doesn’t feel like you’re working.

We can be unhappy for a day, but why be unhappy for a lifetime. So when you feel down on yourself about your current job position or wonder where your life is going because you’re still unemployed.. just remember to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and KEEP LOOKING. You’ll know whats meant for you when you see it. Keep Looking for that place that makes you happy. KEEP LOOKING child.. KEEP LOOKING (as my grandmother would’ve said).



shopboots14I adore my summer wardrobe, but I must admit, it’s time to get my winter closet together. Since packing up my summer clothes can be downright depressing, I thought I’d focus on what makes me giddy inside, and that is the new trends for fall. So before the temperature drops to 20 degrees, I think it’s time to go shopping… for SHOES. read more >>