bnighttipstricksI love going out, but I never have time to get ready efficiently. For example: I leave work at the right time, rush home, throw my clothes all over the place once home, look for missing shoes, begin thinking I look bloated, get ready to leave, lock door, then realize I didn’t brush my teeth, run back inside… I think you get the picture (laughs). And that’s just one incident… it’s exhausting and sometimes it causes me not to go out (hey, I have to be honest).

So to stop the madness, I begin compiling all the tips I knew that could help me get out of the door fast enough while still looking like a million bucks. So here are my favorite tips and tricks to reaching my destination on time…


Stretch out your shoes BEFORE the day you’re going out

To do so, saturate a towel with regular rubbing alcohol or very hot water. Rub the towel inside of the top of your shoes (where your toes go) really good. Once done, put your feet in the shoe and walk around until the shoe is dry. DO NOT TAKE THE SHOE OFF until it is dry. This tip will allow the shoe to mold to your feet.

Clean that cloudy ring

You can get away with not cleaning a necklace at times, but everyone will notice a cloudy ring. To clean your wedding or cocktail ring on the fly… get a spare toothbrush, place toothpaste on it, and rub it on that rock. Then wash it off with luke warm water.
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ktsdiahanncarrollI crave culture and style. At least once a day, I find myself viewing amazing art and the latest looks off the runway. Style today is heavily influenced on the ground breaking work that was done years ago in Hollywood. I LOVE the Hollywood glamor days when people dressed as if the queen herself was dropping by for a little visit everyday. Which is why I couldn’t wait to share with you one of the people I absolutely adore.. Actress Diahann Carroll.

Her style is legendary and you can probably catch starlets today wearing similar outfits to the photos below. She is currently 79 years of age, and she still looks amazing today (check out what she wore to the Emmy’s in 2013).

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ktsfirstblogsurveyI’m so excited for the new changes that will be happening soon (name change, new blog design, new content). But before I make any changes, I would love to hear your feedback. So, would you mind filling out this quick and easy survey?

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kbacongrillcheeseAm I the only one that gets exhausted the day after your birthday? I’m so thankful I requested the day off. I mean I hardly wanted to move, I just wanted to be lazy in bed with my remote. But there comes a time when, even the lazy birthday girl, must get up and cook something to sooth the rumbling tummy. I looked around my kitchen on Monday and saw eggs, cheese, waffle mix, and bacon… so that meant I was making my favorite guilty sammy for breakfast.
kdiddifferentlyBecause I was having a lazy moment, I used waffle mix instead of making the waffles from scratch. I will admit, waffles from scratch are so much better but when you’re lazy and hungry.. you don’t really care much (laughs).

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dfavkitchensThe two rooms I use the most in my home would have to be the bedroom and the kitchen. One must sleep and one must eat (unless you can’t cook *laughs*). My kitchen currently isn’t magazine worthy, but it definitely fits my needs. But every once in a while, I daydream about what my kitchen would look like if I renovated my small space or if I purchased a new home and money wasn’t an issue. Can you just imagine the things you can do with a kitchen with no budget?

Once I started this day-dream, I found it hard to stop. So I had no other choice but to browse around the web and flip through the pages of my favorite decor magazines, to find the kitchens I would love to have in my dream home. Can you tell I’m swooning right now? If only this was my kitchen…

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