Dirk Rees Photography

London commercial photographer Dirk Rees captures the moments most people wish they could. His eye for each photo tells a story of something extraordinary. Dirk has also worked in film, which allows him to capture these memorable moments and stop them in time. Each persons photo shows movement and motion, while creating a conversation piece. Beautiful and simplistic. To view more of Dirk Rees work, visit his website here. Enjoy these and have a wonderful day :).

Eric Ogden Photography

Brooklyn, New York native Eric Ogden is a celebrity photographer who knows how to create a scene in an iconic, cinematic way. The celebrities, in these photos, look natural and breathtaking. Sometimes the staging in some photographs just doesn’t work; but Eric’s photos are complete with the correct lighting, the right props, and the right celebrity to go with the scene. I simply adore Eric Ogden’s work and I hope you enjoy it as well. To see more of Eric’s photos, make sure to visit his website for some inspiration. Have a great day everybody :)

Patrick Hoelck Photography

So I ran across a new photographer website and I had to share this with my fellow bloggers. Patrick Hoelck, from what I see, isn’t just another celebrity photographer; his photos bring out something dark, intimate, and glamorous about the person he’s shooting.

Going through the website, I was in awe of just about every shot I saw. That doesn’t often happen for me, especially with celebrity photographs. To me, most photos begin to look the same; so it’s quite exciting to view Patrick’s work. So here’s to the photographers that showcase something different from the norm. Check out Patrick’s website here.. Enjoy these photos for today.. Beautiful images for a beautiful day :)

Photo: Showcasing Spiderpaw’s Photography

I absolutely love great photos; and you can’t have great photos without an artist with a great eye. Well taken photographs can evoke conversation, emotions, and even capture a moment in time where you wish you could have been there. Whenever I see this photographers work, I get drawn in and stay at his blog for a while mindlessly checking if he has anything new posted.

Spiderpaw’s Photography is just wonderful. Once he told me I could feature him during “Creative Week“, I was totally lost on which of his photographs I should feature. His work is definitely artistic, edgy, with a seasoned photographer approach. Enjoy his photographs below. If you want to see more of his work, make sure to visit his blog @: http://www.spiderpaw.wordpress.com

Redwoods Treehouse

This is a treetop house, rivals all treetop houses. The Redwoods Treehouse near Auckland, New Zealand is a wonderland of excitement with walkways built from harvested pine, poplar slats, and locally-milled redwood. This treetop house is as amazing, as a New York City penthouse loft with amazing views. And it’s an added bonus that they will open once again to host private events.

Having an event here can provide natural light in the afternoon or a wonderful evening under the stars. This treehouse combines art with architecture and displays it beautifully. I am proud to feature this wonderful treehouse, with incredible views here on my blog. Enjoy the pictures below and come back to view another post from “Creative Week” here at Pure Complex in a couple of hours.