thanksgivingdessert14Besides the food, I LOVE a good dessert on Thanksgiving that causes you to close your eyes, smile, and then unbutton your pants to give your tummy a relief when no one’s looking (laughs). When that happens, you know you over ate and had the best time at Thanksgiving (laughs). And with every year, comes more dessert options. read more >

Perfect Hot Chocolate

phchocolateWhenever I think of winter, I think of comfort food (I displayed some last week) and warm, cozy drinks. And by this title, you probably guessed today’s theme (smiles). So I had to share the Perfect Hot Chocolate recipe with you.. from Food52. From the marshmallows, to the dark chocolate, you will find yourself snuggled up and enjoying this cup of heaven. One thing I love about winter, is the ability to indulge and not have to worry about your waistline.. just yet. View the ingredient list and click above for the recipe. Another recipe coming up..

Preparation: Sandy 2012

Every newspaper, news channel, weather blog, and person on the Eastern Atlantic line is talking and preparing itself for Hurricane Sandy. To all my blog friends and visitors… stay safe, stay prepared, and stay optimistic.

Because of the storm, Pure Complex will delay its return to November 22nd. But in the meantime, while we wait for the storm.. I’m going to enjoy a snack, a piece of chocolate, and a cup of tea (smiles). Stay Safe