kbacongrillcheeseAm I the only one that gets exhausted the day after your birthday? I’m so thankful I requested the day off. I mean I hardly wanted to move, I just wanted to be lazy in bed with my remote. But there comes a time when, even the lazy birthday girl, must get up and cook something to sooth the rumbling tummy. I looked around my kitchen on Monday and saw eggs, cheese, waffle mix, and bacon… so that meant I was making my favorite guilty sammy for breakfast.
kdiddifferentlyBecause I was having a lazy moment, I used waffle mix instead of making the waffles from scratch. I will admit, waffles from scratch are so much better but when you’re lazy and hungry.. you don’t really care much (laughs).

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There’s nothing like coming home from work, putting on your lounge clothes, holding your favorite cozy blankie over your arm, with your favorite hot drink in hand. In fact, I can’t wait to finish this post so that I can make my favorite lemon tea (which consists of boiled water, lemon juice, and 2 ts of sugar), so I better make this quick (laughs).