kvdaysimplemenuAm I the only one that absolutely hates going out on Valentine’s Day? It’s usually too crowded to enjoy yourself. And I always run into several interesting people during this holiday. Whether it’s the guy that buys a HUGE teddy bear for his woman and places it on the floor of the restaurant so that everyone can trip over it… or the loud guy next to your table who keeps commenting on his woman “of the moment” breast all night… yes going out on V-Day is definitely interesting (laughs).

Which is why I LOVE staying in on Valentine’s Day. I may not be a huge fan of this holiday (because I feel you should profess your love for someone every day of the year), but who could turn down a simple dinner with the one you love.

I ditched the restaurant, the guess what candy you’re going to get next box, and plan on making a simple yet delicious dinner. And so can you.
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Grilled Blackened Catfish

I was born and raised on the east coast, my mother was born and raised in the country part of Florida.. so many people tell me that makes me southern (*laughs* I do have a slight southern drawl). So today I decided to post more of my ‘favorite foods‘.. and I’m starting off with this beautiful Grilled Blackened Catfish recipe from Chow. I grew up eating fresh, gulf caught catfish with grits and let me just tell you.. those memories are making me hungry right now (laughs). This dish is a great way to enjoy fish with a kick of creole seasoning. View the ingredient list below and click above for the recipe. Another recipe.. is on its way..

Fish Tacos

And for dinner.. I found the most amazing, healthy Fish Taco recipe from the food website Chow. What makes this fish taco healthy is the use of a grilled fish instead of frying the fish. But if you had a light breakfast, then try it fried (it’s great both ways in my opinion). I also love how easy and versatile this dish is. For instance, you can make a more authentic fish taco, or you can live on the edge and let your taste buds dictate what you eat (which is usually what I do).  View the ingredient list below, and click above for the full recipe. Happy Friday :)