Preparation: Sandy 2012

Every newspaper, news channel, weather blog, and person on the Eastern Atlantic line is talking and preparing itself for Hurricane Sandy. To all my blog friends and visitors… stay safe, stay prepared, and stay optimistic.

Because of the storm, Pure Complex will delay its return to November 22nd. But in the meantime, while we wait for the storm.. I’m going to enjoy a snack, a piece of chocolate, and a cup of tea (smiles). Stay Safe

“World’s Best Father”

Women… have you ever thought about what happens when you leave your husband/boyfriend alone with your child(ren)? Well, that scene above may just happen (laughs). Wonderful Photographer Dave Engledow captures photos of him and his daughter being… well reckless (laughs). The “World’s Best Father” series is one that makes me laugh, while having me applaud his genius.. but funny take on life with a toddler. This photo series is ongoing so click the link above to view new photos. Enjoy

Bent Objects.. part deux

In this post, I explained how much I adore the work of Terry Borders Bent Objects. So I couldn’t resist posting more of his hilarious, but amazing choreographed objects. Click on the link above to see the original post I wrote (if you missed it last week) and click on Terry’s link to see more of his amazing works of art. Enjoy, and make sure to smile today (smiles).

Bent Objects

Last year, I discovered the amazing work of Terry Borders Bent Objects through the artist Ian Thomas (click here to view post). Since Ian’s work was exceptional, I just had to learn more about the man who inspired him. And ever since then, I’ve followed Terry’s whimsical but amazingly choreographed objects. I hope these artistic works of art make you laugh, as I do every-time I visit his blog. Who knew food could be hilariously funny and take on a life of its own. Click the link above to see Terry’s work or to see my post on Ian. Enjoy

Porn.. for Pregnant Ladies

Let’s not play coy with each other, I know the title intrigued you to this post today (laughs). And since I post many celebrity women and men photographs, by brilliant photographers, I know you love a good swoon session (you forget, I read your comments). So for all my ladies who are pregnant, non-pregnant women can enjoy this too, here is a feast for the eyes. Thanks to the wonderful creators over at Pregnant Chicken.. every woman can have a bit of porn in their life (winks & laughs). Click the link above to view more. Enjoy