sadeOne day, when I was 7 years old, I stumbled into my brother’s room (looking for a pen to draw) and found a box of cassette tapes. Pause for reaction… remember cassette tapes? OMG I am feeling my age right now (laughs). Any who, while listening to those tapes, when he wasn’t home of course, I discovered Recording Artist Sade. And from that moment on.. I’ve been a fan.

I love her songs and I especially love her style. From the large hoop earrings (that I wear today), to the sleek ponytails, and the amazing tailored dresses… I knew that’s how I wanted to dress when I got older. Today, her style is praised by many fashion designers and I still find myself inspired by her. Her style is iconic.

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in21015I sometimes hate the term… let destiny takes it course. Sometimes destiny is waiting for you to take control. Imagine the things you can do when you decide to create yourself.

You can try new things without feeling fear. You can meet new people and learn important life lessons. You can also learn to say yes to things you are afraid of, because they might actually show you who you are. The point is to be the person you want to be, and to do it with confidence. Create yourself and stop waiting for destiny to do it for you.

Director’s Notes: In Quotation is all about me sharing little nuggets I’ve been taught and have learned over the years in hopes to inspire others.


ktsbloglessonsBeing a blogger is not easy. You have people who love you and then you have people who are extremely negative towards you for no reason. We’re not even going to mention the amount of time and work that goes along with creating original content that will entice not only your visitors, but also different brands. Even with all of that… being a blogger is rewarding.

I’ve been blogging for 4 1/2 years now, and in those years I’ve made numerous mistakes and I’ve learned a lot of things. But since we all know the joys of blogging, I thought I’d write about the lessons I’ve learned from my mistakes. Hopefully my lesson will inspire you.

I’ve learned, my blog runs much more smoothly when I schedule each blog post early. My posts are usually scheduled 2 months in advance; which means what you’re reading right now was written in December. One day, out of month, I come up with ideas for blog posts and schedule them in my editorial calendar. The next day, I look at what I scheduled with fresh eyes and make any necessary changes. From there, I begin writing. Blogging should be treated as a career. If we can work for other people, making their life easier… why can’t we do the same for ourselves?
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