Getting to know.. Me

Last Summer, I gave everyone a glimpse into the world of me. I always planned to share more about myself.. but never got around to actually writing the post. Well.. there’s no time like the present (smiles).

I am a chic geek. Yes, and it’s time I fully admit it to myself (laughs).  I still love web coding, designing banners for the blog, rearranging things to make them look more chic, and I usually know more about the latest gadgets than most men.

Why haven’t I shown a photo of me yet? Well, when I first started the blog, I didn’t want it to be focused around me. I wanted whatever I was featuring, to stand out more. I do plan on revealing who I am (I’m not horrible looking at all *laughs*) but I’m not sure when that will be. Either through the documentary, being completed by my little bro Erick… OR maybe on my birthday this January.

I LOVE baking. As I get older, the baking gene seems to creep up on me more and I find myself thinking of ways to make cupcakes or tarts. Yes, my grandmother’s traits are invading my body. Who knows, maybe one day I will feature my own baked recipe (smiles).

Blogging is my way of calming down. When I get up on Sundays.. I make me a cup of tea, maybe have a piece of chocolate, and I begin clicking on links mindlessly.. finding  the most amazing artist or recipes. Then I choose my favorite and feature what I’ve found. Believe it or not, the whole process calms me down. I just  love blogging.

I am a wedding planner.. secretly. I love all things wedding and I get this from my mom (she has planned weddings in her day). I love beautiful things and I also love finding alternative ways to get the expensive look.. inexpensively. Cheaper.. doesn’t always have to be cheap looking (thanks mom for teaching me that). Yes, I’m a bargain shopper, I love it, and I will never pay retail!

I was a tomboy growing up. You couldn’t beat me into a skirt when I was little.. but when my mother gave me the evil look, I’d put on that dress and go to church (laughs). To this day, I’m still a bit of a tomboy but not as much as I used to be. I love comfy/chic outfits, minimal makeup (I love taking care of my skin), and I still won’t wear pink. But I have learned to embrace dresses and other girly things (smiles).

I am goofy sometimes (laughs). There aren’t enough hours in a day, so when I have a chance to have fun.. I take advantage of it. I’m a goof ball and I love it (smiles). Except when you make me mad.. (laughs).

If you ever want to learn more about me, email me your questions, and I will post the responses on this blog. I am pretty much an open book and proud of how far I’ve come (smiles). I won’t answer anything too personal.. because well.. a lady needs to keep some mystery about her (wink).
And for those thinking of posting a negative comment (yes, someone already tried).. negativity will not be posted on this blog (some people really need to do analysis on themselves).

33 Ways To Stay Creative…

I always believed.. “A person without a dream, is a person who isn’t living.” To this day, I’m still a dreamer, full of optimism, despite what gets in my way; but there are times when life can beat me down and I’m lost for ways to stay creative. I found this poster and after reading it today.. decided to post it. Here are 33 simple ways everyone can stay creative in their everyday lives. I can’t find the author/creator of this wonderful image, but I’m sure they’re somewhere being creative.. and you should be too :)