kvanillaocakeThe wait is finally over, Spring is here. But why does it still seem cold outside? Well until it warms up, I will continue to bake. And what better way to usher in spring, then by making a delectable sweet that represents the new season with its color and it’s deliciousness. That’s right girls and boys… it’s time to make CAKE. Vanilla Ombré Cake that is.


Instead of placing that amazing pink frosting on my cake, I decided to make white frosting instead. The delicious white chocolate frosting was the perfect contrast to the various ombré shades on the inside of this cake. And while I was mesmerized by the cake, I didn’t notice it was gone before I could take a photo of it. Hey, shit happens. Continue >


kbeefbroccoliFriday’s, growing up, used to be “Eat whatever you could find day” (laughs). I never understood why my mom didn’t want to cook on that day, until I got older. Now every Friday, for me, is take out day. I don’t mind cooking during a work week, but when the weekend approaches, I instantly become lazy (laughs). Am I the only one? But today, I think I will put down the take out menu and make my own take out.


I didn’t change this recipe much. However, I did add my broccoli a few minutes after I placed the steak in the wok. This was to ensure the broccoli was crisp instead of mushy. And instead of canola, I used Vegetable oil. I also added onions to this dish, I just love the flavor. Continue >


kbeefstewWhen I was little, you couldn’t get me to eat soup or stew. It was liquid food, the word stew sounded horrible, and who wanted to eat that at 7 years old (laughs). Like most people, I had to grow up to appreciate things my parents were trying to teach me. And now you can’t stop me from making or eating Beef Stew. I just love it. Am I a big foodie if I can already taste it in my mouth while describing it? (laughs).


I cooked mine solely in the Crock pot. I added potatoes and thicker cuts of onions and carrots. I didn’t add any celery, anchovies, wine, mushrooms, bay leaves, parsley, or tomato paste to mine. Why? Well at times I prefer using what I have on hand rather than going out to buy ingredients for one dish (and I just don’t like mushrooms *laughs*). Yeah, you can say I created my own simple yet robust recipe. Continue >