kcauliflowersoupThere’s nothing I love more than a big bowl of soup on a cold winter day. It’s the best way, for me, to take the chill out of my bones when I’m cold. It’s also the perfect thing to make, on those days, when you forgot to take something out for dinner the night before (I know I’m not the only one that happens too *laughs*).

And since I don’t feel like waiting for something to defrost (and I’m definitely not using the microwave to nuke my food while it’s defrosting), soup is on the menu for tonight.

I absolutely love cauliflower, but I decided to add roasted broccoli to this dish as well. I just love the combined flavor of both veggies. And I have to admit, I did add in more cheese (smiles). Hey, when cheese is in front of me.. it just happens.
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kwinterdessertsI love working out, and getting my body toned again… but there is no way I could do all of that without a cheat day (laughs). I am sorry, I’m just not that committed. I need a day where I can sit down and eat bacon, some ice cream, and maybe a big fat juicy burger. The sky is the limit on my cheat day.

Since my cheat day is coming up, I plan on making one my favorite winter desserts until I can’t stand to look at anymore sweets (well okay, not for another week or so *laughs*).

Absolutely nothing… I love each sweet and I don’t plan on changing any of them on my cheat day. Can you tell I’m so ready for my cheat day to start?
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kbaconsandwichI know the early winter months are supposed to be reserved for getting back in shape, you know with all the 2015 resolutions and all but… I can’t help wanting BACON. Yes, I know you can eat bacon in moderation, but I don’t want to just eat two strips.. I want more than 5 (laughs). Who says you can’t have a cheat day.

Since I’m not a huge bread eater, I’m surprised that I’m craving for a bacon sandwich. I mean, who can resist ingredients like bacon, avocado, mayo… delish. Yes I know, I’m so hitting the gym afterwards but at least I had my sandwich (smiles).
kdiddifferentlyI am not a big fan of radish sprouts, so I didn’t include them. Instead, I use whatever I have on hand to replace them like romaine or spinach leaves. I also left out the tomatoes.. I just wanted the bacon (laughs).  Did I tell you it tasted wonderful? Continue >