The Rehearsal dinner is the time where you get to thank your bridal party and your family for sharing in your wonderful day. But sometimes that dinner can be expensive. Whether you cater it or go out to a restaurant, it seems everyone wants to jack up the price when you say the magical word of “wedding”. So if you’re looking to keep the cost down, then you should really think about making dinner yourself. These easy recipes can feed a crowd and control the budget. Here are some of my favorites that will wow any crowd.
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My family LOVES getting together during a holiday, to share a meal. It’s a tradition that started years ago, but was perfected by my grandmother. “Every holiday deserves to be celebrated with food” she said, and ever since then we’ve had different menus for each holiday. Last year, our meal consisted of a modern twist to old recipes. But this year, we all decided to stick with the traditional dishes that has graced our table for years. There’s nothing like traditional recipes that make you feel like you’re home. So today, I’m proud to share with you.. some (not all, can’t post secret family recipes.. my mommy would kick my butt *laughs*) of my family’s Easter Dinner. I’ve also included recipes below that are similar to my own family recipes. So, is your mouth watering yet? Because mine definitely is (laughs).
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