myfavoritesummertreatsSpring time always reminds me of euphoric memories of me hanging out with my friends after school. That is until the ice cream man came around the corner. You would have thought I was a track star, since I used to take off like a bullet when I heard that famous jingle (laughs). By the time I found my mother, to ask for ice cream money, she would already have my favorite ice cream cone ready for me. My mother was smart and figured, why pay the ice cream man when I can save money and buy my own ice cream and cones.

She also had popsicles (remember the red, white, and blue one *laughs*) and other treats stored away. But of course, I could only have one a day. As an adult, I find myself still loving the same spring/summer treats. The only difference is, now I can have more than one a day … just don’t tell my mother.

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salmonwithcaramelsauceI can remember my mother making the most amazing salmon cakes I’ve ever had in my life (Let me tell you, that woman can cook *smiles*). But believe it or not, that was my only experience with salmon. I had never, up until a couple of years ago, had a salmon fillet. Why? I have no clue. I just never got around to it. But when I did… I fell in love all over again. And now it’s one of the things I take out of my fridge, besides salad, when I want something quick and easy.


I simply love the Asian influence in this recipe, but I did leave out the red chilli and the steamed rice. I’ve never been a huge rice eater, and if I do eat it… it’s usually brown rice. So instead of white rice, I placed the salmon on top of rice noodles. This dish was so easy and packed with flavor. Continue reading


chocolatemeringuesThere are just some things I can’t imagine myself not having… and chocolate is at the top of that list. If I can use this amazing dessert to wake me up on Monday mornings, then you must know that I’m a chocolate addict. Let’s just establish this right now… “Hi, I’m a chocolate addict.” If you answered back, “Hi Kay“, then you’re a chocolate addict like me (laughs). Chocolate makes me happy and at times makes me forget about all the irritating people I come in contact with each day.

Since I haven’t had chocolate all week (yes, I skipped the chocolate Easter bunny), I think it’s time for me to indulge before I do something reckless like eat a bran donut. Who wants that.


I simply love this chocolate meringues recipe and I didn’t change a thing. It’s a three item recipe, it’s easy to make, and it’s GLUTEN FREE. Who says chocolate can’t be good for you.. TAKE THAT CHOCOLATE HATERS. Continue reading