kangelfoodcakeI am such a dessert person. And every year, in January, I get excited just thinking about what desserts I will pig out on during my birthday (which is on Sunday by the way). I work hard all year not to over eat on desserts for exactly this moment (laughs). Of course I plan on making (and eating) brownies, ice cream, and of course chocolate… but my favorite thing to eat would have to be Angel Food Cake. It may not be as heavy as my other favorite desserts, but boy does it make me giddy just thinking about it. Yes, I’m giddy right now (laughs) and I can’t wait to make it.
kdiddifferentlyAbsolutely NOTHING. The recipe I found is wonderful. And that’s rare because I always change something in a recipe for one reason or another. However, I love to add fruit or chocolate sauce to this cake.

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kgamedayhealthycomfortThe big game is around the corner and balance, on game day, seems to make everybody happy. Think about it.. your significant other won’t be on your back about eating healthier because you’ve included them in your game day festivities.

As for me, I can’t give up my comfort game day foods, but I can introduce healthier options along with my favorites. Which allows me to pig out, but not too much. No longer do you have to decide between the two because today I’m excited to share my favorite healthy and comfort foods recipes I plan to make for this year’s final game.


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kshortribraguI remember finding this dish back in 2011, and being so excited to make it. Since then, I’ve made different variations of this dish and I think I’ve perfected it to my own personal liking. Of course there was absolutely nothing wrong with the recipe (it’s delish), but every now and then I find myself wanting to switch dishes up so that they are brand new to my taste buds. Am I the only one who does that?
kdiddifferentlyWell I decided to add grits to it instead of using polenta. Simply put… I’m a homemade (not instant) grits kinda girl (smiles). And I pride myself on not having any lumps in my grits as well (because who wants to eat lumps in any dish you’re having). Yes, grits may take time to make, but I will take the time to eat something amazing.

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I’ve done the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve party in Times Square and I’ve gone to New Year’s Eve parties… but this year I think I will be spending New Year’s Eve at home. To me, there’s nothing more special than making dinner, all while reflecting on what the New Year will bring. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about parking (laughs).
mfnewyears14


I love creating moods in my home. Whether I’m cooking for 1 or cooking for 12… I love creating an ambiance that makes the night relaxing, fun, and full of good conversation. Since I’ve decided to stay in for New Year’s Eve this year, I thought why not create my very own intimate New Year’s Eve evening; complete with a delicious simple dinner and lots of sweets. If you’re thinking about doing the same thing, then here is some inspiration on how to ring in the New Year with a color palette of silver & gold.
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