When I was 10, I can remember saving all of my allowance (which was just a $1.. remember when a $1 could go a long way?) to buy my mother something nice for Mother’s Day. I was determined to be different from all the other kids by actually purchasing a small gift that would go along with my homemade crayon card. That year, and every year I made my mother smile.
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My Winter Closet

In my last personal post, I give everyone a glimpse into the world of me. I, quite frankly, thought I was kinda boring (laughs). So all this month (since this is my birthday month), I decided to give you a glimpse into my life.. my closet, my fav. things, and maybe a photo of me (some of you thought I should post one and some of you thought I should remain anonymous). Today, you’re stepping into my closet. Here are some of the winter items I love/own and each item cost less than $70.. you know I love a bargain. Yes, there is a lot of black, but I rather bring in color through tops/accessories. Basic pieces help me stay on budget (and yes that’s the $30 Steve Madden purse I got from Marshall’s; and I did tell you if I wore a dress it would be no frills). What are you favorite winter items in your closet?

Left to right: ASOS Polo neck Midi Dress . Braided Chain Necklace . Twist & Rhinestone Bangles . Steve Madden Makala Satchel Bag . Winter Legging . Kenneth Cole Reaction Turn & Flirt Booties

Home Decor and Me

During my weekend, I like to relax as much as I can. Relaxation to me is laying in bed doing nothing (yes, I deserve it sometimes lol) or shopping of course. I have two ways I shop: 1. I’m targeting something specific so I go to one of my favorite stores to get a great deal OR 2. I window shop and if I see something affordable I may just bring it home. Last weekend, I took a stroll through TJ Maxx and found these beautiful home decor items. These items, which are made by the company 222 Fifth, jumped out and screamed at me saying “Buy Me“. And then I looked at the price of $3.99 (for the Latte mug shown above) and knew that baby was coming home with me. When I got home, I proceeded to put juice in it (laughs). Single home decor items don’t have to break the bank and these items are great for gifts or to keep for yourself. So if you like these, visit your local TJ Maxx for cheap prices on these OR click here for the next cheap price I could find online. They also have items that feature Rome, Venice, San Francisco, and London. So what do you think? :) And to all of you who received an award from me in their comment box.. Congratulations! Read where the origin of the award comes from here and Thank You to Just Ramblin’ for giving me this award :)

Accessorize: Spring

Spring is in the air and every year I try to get my desk in order. Yes, my desk (laughs). Somehow the most used space in my home (and the messiest) is my desk and I have no idea why (looking around confused). This is the place where I blog and share all of my ideas, email my mother, shop online, eat a brownie or drink a cup of tea, and everything under the sun. So I thought I’d share some helpful, inexpensive items to help accessorize your desk because I know I’m not the only one with a messy desk (yeah I know you have one too *laughs*). I decided to start looking at one of my favorite places, CB2 is similar to Ikea (nothing beats Ikea to me), and owned by the popular and expensive store Crate and Barrel. I like deals, so tell me what you think of these items. And yes, I have a snack bowl included because I need some healthy snacks in front of me while blogging (or I will eat something I shouldn’t *laughs*). Happy Spring Cleaning :)