travelbaargentinaIt’s March, spring is near, and I think it’s time we go somewhere warm and exciting. Someplace that has amazing architecture and people who love to dance the tango near a local café. You know, a place where we can get lost and enjoy the surroundings around us. Yes, you’ve guess it… we’re going to Argentina.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to visit Buenos Aires, Argentina. I think it started when I read an article stating Buenos Aires was the Paris of South America. So I thought today is as good as any to take a traveling break through photos with you. And I’m loving places like the Plaza de Mayo, the Teatro Colón opera house, Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens, ahhh the list of places I want to visit is endless.

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travelcanadaThe first time I placed my teenage feet on Canadian soil, I knew it was a magical place. Maybe it was Niagara falls that hypnotized me, but whatever it was I had the time of my life exploring Canada (thanks Mom for taking me). The second time I visited Canada, I headed to Vancouver and absolutely loved the fresh seafood. I even learned a bit of french (just don’t ask me to speak it because I don’t remember any of it *laughs*).

Almost ten years have passed and I haven’t made it back but, who says you can’t go on a trip through photos (smiles). And today, I’m visiting Ottawa, Victoria, Calgary, Montreal, and Quebec City. Ahh… I love a day-dream on a Thursday. Anybody else can’t wait for Friday?

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travelswitzI’m reminded everyday that there’s nothing wrong with a little day-dream now and then. Especially when you’re on a budget like I am and can’t travel as much as you would like. Since that’s the case, I decided (a long time ago) to take my readers on a vacation with me through photos. And boy am I happy I did, because now I’ll know where to go and what to visit when I purchase a plane ticket to any country of my choice.

In keeping with the seasons, I thought it was time to travel somewhere colder. I know, people normally travel somewhere sunny in the winter, but since it’s just starting to feel like winter… I thought we could visit Switzerland today. I am loving towns like Interlaken, St. Moritz, Davos, Grindelwald, and Saas-Fee. I may not like to be cold, but these places are too magical to miss. And have you seen the view? I just love a good day-dream in the morning.
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