Readers’ Choice…

Today is Readers’ Choice Day and I’ve decided to blog about two members of my blog family… Michael from Michael Thomas Photograhy, and Samina from Samina Cooks. Both found wonderful artistic finds and were gracious enough to share them with me; now I’m sharing these with you. I’d like to say thank you to both Michael and Samina :). My email doors are always open for great art finds.. so keep inspiring me as I try to inspire you.

Michael’s Find

New York photographer Josh Owens, created this wonderful artistic video entitled, ‘Mindrelic – Manhattan in motion‘. I absolutely love his photos/video and can’t wait to view more of his work. You can check out more of Josh’s videos by visiting here.

Samina’s FindAcclaimed French street duo artist, Koralie and SupaKitch, are amazing. Most of their art is heavily influenced by Japanese art and culture. Both artist are now based in New York, and are also joined in love as well as talent. Most of their work can be viewed on urban canvases, but their work is now rapidly appearing on gallery walls across the world (and I can see why.. this painting is beautiful). You can check out more of their work by visiting here.

I hope you enjoyed Reader’s Choice. So what do you think about these videos? Enjoy your weekend ;)

Cleaning can be fun

Who am I kidding.. cleaning is not all that fun LOL. It can be tedious and non exciting. But when you turn on some music, everything seems to change. Somehow washing those dishes are fun and the vacuum turns into your partner on the dance floor. I know I’m not the only one who has done this? lol. And believe it or not, it can be a form of exercise but I like to think of it as dance practice lol. I’ve been listening to several rock songs and r&b fast songs; but the song with the African inspired beat has got me dancing until I can’t vacuum no more. And can you believe I almost fell? LMAO.. So have you danced while cleaning? Happy Sunday!

What’s on my iPod…

For the past two days, I’ve been playing this song on my iPod; and it says exactly how I feel about.. my ex’s (I’ve only really had 2 ex-boyfriends.. and yes I’m picky when it comes to who I let in my life).When I listen to the lyrics to this song, I definitely feel like my ex’s were the ‘Best Thing I Never Had“. What a bullet I dodged by not continuing on with those relationships. Whether you care for Beyonce’s music or not, listen to the lyrics and see if you aren’t grateful to be with your current spouse or grateful to just be drama free. I know I’m not the only one that had bad relationships *wink*.. Enjoy the rest of the day.

All Christmas music doesn’t suck.. trust me

I love all kinds of music, all genres. From Kiss to Coldplay to Marvin Gaye to Jay Z, I love music that moves me. Doesn’t matter what it is, I guess I’m eccentric in that way (I used to play an instrument for 10 years and still read music when I want too). But this holiday season, while I cook (Yes I love to cook), I will be playing my all time favorite Christmas music. Yes I know Christmas music sometimes can be a bit much, but most of my selections I can listen to all day. So here is one of my fav’s I am sharing with you ladies & gents today..

Vanessa Williams – What Child is this.. circa 1992. It’s my favorite..
Soooo what are you guys listening to and cooking this Holiday season? :)